HUGE Announcement! + December 2019 Update (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. UP844 Fan Productions!

    Thank god finally we get a look at the legendary IJN Yamato

  2. Is Yamato coming out in store as well gamemode

  3. It’s your vids and content for us to love and enjoy

  4. I am here lol. Doesn’t matter because I have a PS4 so maybe we will run into each other in a few matches lol.

  5. Who would win
    Bismarck vs Yamato and hope one of the later legendary ship could be Guam or Alaska

    • Bismarck is my favourite warship ever
      But Yama was built to counter Iowa class battleships
      Do you think Bismarck could take on Iowa class battleships?
      i’d love to say yes but i really don’t think so
      Iowa’s 16i guns vs Bismarck’s incredible armor
      I think the guns will win eventually
      and if an Iowa could win, then Yama with the 18i guns will absolutely rip through Bismarck

  6. I have the Aigle on PC, it’s a great ship must have for a DD boss

  7. How long do you usually play WOWs legends in one day?

  8. Good one David, watched you since WOTs and still enjoying your vids!!!! I’ll watch on Dec 23 for sure!!!!


    Sakura Tokens?
    Ironically, off all people, I myself am not sure on pronunciation, but I say

    Asashio is a DD whose torpedoes can ONLY hit BBs and CVs. Cruisers and Destroyers immune because of a thing called “Deepwater torpedoes” where the torps run lower than the keels of those ships, but NOT low enough to go under battleships and carriers!

    Epicenter! 3 capture points except they’re like, a target shape? So of instead of 3 cap zones separated, you have one big one, another smaller one in the middle, and a small small one in the center of both.
    Like this: ?
    Capping any zone within another larger ring will capture all outer rings too.

    It’s an…interesting gamemode. Kinda like it, kinda don’t.


    I was having so much fun in her, I hope they didn’t hurt her torp damage.



    Fine fine. Here here.

    Yamato has a weakness…her cheek…

    Good luck Salty Saboteur!

  10. Yes! We can finally division with you

  11. I’m definitely looky for to the yamato and mondays livestream. Great way too end 2019!

  12. So this means said people playing with you need to have a ship tier high enough to match with you? I don’t wanna embarrass you ?

  13. Was about to watch a movie but watched this instead.

  14. I’m looking forward to this patch

  15. Around this time of 23.12.19 and im in, cause evening stream is my night time. If you do, then i’d love to play (Greetings from Finland mr. SaltySpartan)

  16. 4 hour long stream? that’s awesome brother
    Definitely gonna be there!
    Lemme tell ya something though
    The first reason you blew up this year is because World of Warships Legends has more fans than World of tanks has (at least on console that is! don’t come at me PC people?)
    The second reason is because people enjoy to watch you, you’re helluva fun guy to watch
    And more people came to check you out because of WoWS legends but you really don’t have to thank us!
    You’re the reason we’re here my guy

  17. Sick, can’t wait.

  18. So we don’t need a mic to play with you correct

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