Hunt for Bismarck EVENT || World of Warships

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  1. So does is this the way we actually OBTAIN the HMS Hood or is it going to be a premium?

  2. xXxGamesTearxXx

    oh a bismarck for free nice but sadly in the time i reach the final task i am at bismarck

  3. What’s called the music between 2:33-3:37

  4. Paolo Marinelli

    i dont like that everybody will can win a bismark.. it has been very hard to arrive to it and the result could be to have matches full of bismarks.

  5. Whatever Scaramouch

    For how long will this event go? Will it be endless like Shinonome campain of for a short period of time?

  6. On it! Just saw this, and I went to start the PBT immediatly!

  7. Salty about people getting free Bismarck, spent 5 months for me. However, this means my GK can hunt some potato Bismarck captains in the future ?

  8. And for those who already have it, waht will we earn ?

  9. That weird guy named bob from your yoga place

    Isn’t the reward a permanent camo? It looks like a camo, WG wouldn’t just give people high tier ships for free.

  10. How cool that we have a campaign that includes co-op play, and we can win a great ship. I sold my Bismark on the way up to tier 10, but it sure was hard to do. Nice job WG.

  11. So you can actually win the Bismarck in this campaign?

  12. the skin of bismarck is permanent?

  13. What? Giving away a Bismarck? Thts not cool at all, it was a hard journey to get to It and they re just giving It away… Really WG? The campaign might not be easy but still T8+ Ship shouldnt be given away…

  14. been grinding for her for days

    then when im almost at her research points they have an event that gives her away…

    ok nice

  15. well i thougjt we will see a hood 🙁 ad final price)

  16. Are we gonna get the HMS Hood from a premium shop? Or a mission?

  17. Wann startet die Kampagne?

  18. Михаил Серафимов

    What is the chance they will add Hood as a reward here?

  19. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    i dont get this event yet . when it will be released for eu server ?

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