HUNTING THE ENEMY in the NEW SUBMARINES of World of Warships

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  1. Best Beard Best Games

  2. My favorite ship the West Virginia Battleship Tier 8 premium

  3. FYI- AAA in this game does nothing.


  5. Game looks pretty interesting but I have to be honest, the sub gameplay looks really boring

  6. Are the subs able on World of Warships Legends? and another question is do the destroyers now have depth charges because they have rails/droppers for depth charges on most of the ship in the game?

  7. Great vid, but I don’t like World of War Ships as much as Modern War Ships

  8. was a great game but changes made over past year or so have ruined it, player base dropping and huge pay 2 win focus with silly prices. It can be fun if you play with people but often you end up in a team that just crumbles and you get frustrated easy.

  9. General_Drama(PXMA)🤘

    Very nice. And you’re a pretty good Captain

  10. General_Drama(PXMA)🤘

    I’m an Burke class type guy

  11. How many of you here are bots? lol

  12. they broke CV’s in this game, and its been shit ever since

  13. maybe a giant squid….

  14. Awesome game I havent played this for ages must go back and have a look!

  15. Unfortunate on blitz

    i wish they added the japanese submarine aircraft carrier
    it would be a unique playstyle

  16. The torpedo tubes are called the bow tubes and the stern tubes.

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