Hurt by Salty Cash – A Ballad of Ranked Gameplay in World of Warships

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A little something different today, something a little fun. I’m stuck at rank 6 with so hope for advancement. With that, I decided to pen a little song. sings the blues. This sums up the slog up to rank one.

This is a parody of by and Nine Inch Nails. The opinions obviously don’t represent my true feelings.


  1. Ah Zoup, you’ve done again. Outstanding song, for realism and nonsense alike.

  2. that disclaimer… so apt

  3. Awesome so true

  4. Meanwhile, I’m still sitting in Ranked Queue. (SEA)

  5. Lol..loved it!!

  6. The great Xcelerator

    11/10, would listen in again

  7. Hey…that’s actually a quite good Johnny Cash impression.

  8. Freaking hilarious! Well done.

  9. Subtitle spanish please

  10. Thank you johnny cash!!!!!!
    All ways clever Zoup!!!
    How did you get your nick?

  11. chill out man! it’s JUST a game.
    you should play the game! not let game play you.

    • PGM991 see, thats where you’re wrong. It’s not just a game for some of us. It’s an escape, a place where we can take more control of our lives, a place where I can forget my real life worries and enjoy life. I don’t enjoy going out, being with people, getting stuck in a crowd. This is where I’m happiest. And when idiotic, moronic, completely incompetent halfwits start fucking shit up for me, just because it’s JUST A GAME for them, that’s when I blown up. That’s when I tell all yall to go fuck yourselves and go fuck around on world of tanks or some other nonsense. Because this game means a lot to me. So if it’s just a game to you, then stick in the just a game area of co-op. Leave the top level play to the players who actually care about this.

    • Trowa : FYI, I don’t play rank battle, it too competitive for casule player like me. but one thing, losing in game won’t give you any difficulty in life, frustrated over results won’t do you any good at all, it only hert you mentality.
      I ask you, be frustrated make you win? happier? if no than don’t.

  12. “Tier 8 is the most competitive tier in the game.” If that’s the case. I will stick to being on rank 9 with 3 stars and just be another filthy casul playing random battles.

  13. And that’s why I only go to rank 15. I’m not in to sadomasochism.

  14. Such pain. Cuts deep. The feels man. . .the feels.

    Oh well, now we got feeling sorry for ourselves out of the way. . .Once more unto the breach? ;P

    Not sure why i still have a sense of humour about it. . . 5 days now bouncing between ranks 9 and 10!

  15. I imagine this playing in flamu’s stream today

  16. That is why i only go for rank 15 and the flag. And even that is madding

  17. Zoup … please comment in a video … a small change to Ranked “star economy”.

    The stars should be awarded like this:
    1) 2 stars for top on the winning team
    2) 1 star for remaining members of the winning team
    3) no loss of star for top on the losing team
    4) loss of one star for remaining members of the losing team

    Thanks! Keep up the good work and I appreciate your invested time in entertaining us all.

  18. Bravo Zulu, Zoup! Another bullseye.

  19. After last ranked season, I found out I have Dangerously high blood pressure. Im absolutely not joking. Serious as a heart attack. So In an act of self preservation, I have stayed out of ranked this season. Because seriously, F@&K ranked.

  20. That’s actually a good rendition (cover?)! And yes I feel the pain of Ranked

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