Hybrid BB Louisiana – World of Warships

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In WGs infinite wisdom WG decided to add even more planes in the game by letting BB captains now fly around with their little planes, launched from hybrid ships. So far we have cruisers and BBs with this capability. As far as I know they are soon gonna add a DD that can fly around in planes and we all knows about I-400 that is coming to WoWS at some point.

So yeah….more planes.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Carrier? Main? So confused😂

  2. As a Montana lover, you sure enjoyed that ship too 😛

  3. Stream snipers everywhere.

  4. Flambass x CV Montana

  5. Since hybrid BB’s, what’s next, guided missile?

  6. thouroughly enjoying the banter in Twitch chat

  7. If you will allow me a short poem:

    Broadsides, broadsides everywhere. But shitty fucking guns.

  8. Wow – 1080p brings me back to 2010 Youtube! 😀

  9. Ah yes the new Venator class hybrids

  10. Theory: This is someone at WG’s revenge for World of Warplanes getting sunk.

  11. I know this is only a game but could an aircraft really take off from this flight deck being how short it is?

    • Probably if they use something like JATO to launch the planes.

    • They had catapults. Not sure the exact type, if they were steam, hydraulic, compressed gas, etc., but I’ve seen some of the mockups this thing’s based on and it had a pair of them on the front of the mini deck.

      They’d also launch planes with a lighter load than on a full-length carrier so they *might* be able to launch without the catapult, but there are rapidly diminishing returns on what you can use on such a small deck without helicopters as aircraft get faster and heavier.

  12. Yep, I like this new challenge series of yours. ……….keep ’em coming!

  13. Hello, I am a ucking birch Tier 4 new player. I am now grinding for Italian & German first line BB and USSR CV. I am trying to use USSR BB because of it’s strong armor.
    I checked many website for more info about which line to choose. But i think ask you guys would be a faster way for an professional answer. So, can I ask that which line do you guys suggest for the best Battleships and the best tech tree for Cruisers. (except USA and Japen, I play too much about them)

  14. This one was boring.

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