Hybrid Tank Secondary Republique – World of Warships

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Sorry about the first upload flicker

Game in my Republique with a refinement for my secondaries and tankiness, trying to find every point I can spend to increase my chances to survive. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X French Battleship Republique Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Friend Invite

https://discord.gg/33xzEjR – Discord Server


  1. yay for re upload

  2. Armbine the great

    Well I think this reupload was a fix to the flickering

  3. A stomping fun game and great tactics! I think you were a bit slow from 9:23 to 11:00 as you weren’t going to “over extend.” The risk of that happening in this particular situation was almost zero because the remaining ships were literally surrounded by friendlies. You probably could have pointed straight in, put the pedal down at 9:23 and then put your 60-70K health to further use. Obviously it wouldn’t have changed the game much but more damage is always welcome and perhaps even another kill. The enemy lost all SA at the end.

  4. I’ll surely be waiting for that GK video

    Just imagine seeing the starboard rains fire upon your entire hull, while those turrets are not even traversing to target you

  5. Should we expect a GK secondary build video soon?

  6. Always someone bitching in chat.

  7. don’t you have to have AFT in order to get 12km secondary range?

  8. Hmmmm interesting, you chose to sacrifice range for pen (secondaries), I’ll make sure to try this build, my only doubt is that I don’t see a superintendent, I often find myself using all those heals so having -1 can be an issue as I have a very aggressive play style in my bb’s, lack of concealment means that if the enemy focuses on you, you have less chances to successfully disingage by vanishing, or that the enemy will see you coming from further away

  9. Apostolis Midnight

    lol that’s exactly how i played it

  10. even notser ignored the no BB allowed sign…at 01.00

  11. I still find not having concealment just gets you focused over everyone else.

    • not for a BB where shooting gets you spotted no matter what now, you cant just slink from smoke cloud to smoke cloud or perfect island for shot arc. YOU need to do your job and shoot every 30 seconds because you only get maximum 40 shots per game with 20 minutes. do your job, every ship in the game pales in comparison to any BB, even the most fragile and least appropriate BBs for tanking are better than cruisers. YOU are the reasons cruisers dont support DDs at the beginning of the game, and the cascading effect thereafter where cruisers have to support the front line as best they can while tanking the entire enemy team’s fire so YOU can safely sail broadside at 20+KMs, shooting once between donning concealment. The choice between shooting broadside muppets and competant, invaluable cruisers on the enemy team is the only hard part about playing against noob BBs like you. Am i striking a chord yet?

    • +ArmchairWarrior What nonsense are you babbling about? Are you the type of BB player that yolo’s in and gets killed in the first 2 minutes of the game? If so, then you are a major problem when it comes to random matches (along with idiot DD players who do the same). There are times of course when you need to disengage to stay alive and having better concealment always helps with that – even when planes are about. You hold for your fire for 20 seconds and hopefully you can avoid being set on fire or whatever for the 4th time in 2 minutes so you can heal up, or let your damage control come off cool down. In certain ships which are not very nimble, having better concealment can keep you alive. Obviously if there are enemies in really close, you have no choice and have to just keep fighting and go down slugging – but if you are about 13-15 km away, you have a chance of dropping off concealment and healing up. If you chose to go without concealment expert, that is something you lose – and it is your choice to play it that way. Personally, I have tried both and find it is better to have better concealment for just those situations I described because the longer you are alive, the longer you guns can deal damage and deny the other team points.

  12. Think this would work okay in the Jean Bart? Just wondering if I should have a separate captain for the tech tree ships and one for the JB.

  13. Musanix - World of Warships

    this build would be so reliable… if the secondary were indestructible, or at least can only be temporary damaged

  14. just think what you could do if you had more guns up front ?

  15. Every BB I have played I wind up comparing to the Republique. I get more dev strikes in this ship than any other I have played.

  16. Could you do something like this on a Gasgcone?

  17. So concealment captain skill is out for Battleships

  18. Yeah, exactly, told ya so. See your last Republique video for my secondary build suggestion. WHO buffs their main guns with 2 second cooldown? you dont even maximize number of primary shots within 20 minutes anyway, probably saving you 25 seconds total. MAXIFUCKINGMUM. Enjoy your 1 extra salvo.
    when you get the opportunity to buff secondaries that will get 200+ shots on target per game. Even this sub par secondary show, 140 shots at 26k damage; man, I duno about some people’s suggestions. Boost strong components with percentages, take boosts to base value you dont get access to FOR A REASON, jump that dev controlled wall whenever possible. Republique with secondary fire build has 14% fire chance…with 200+ shots on target, IFHE is good too. buffing primary guns? stupid stupid people.
    Alsace has more secondary guns in the rear, strong ship but not equal to what she could come up against relegating her more for kiting, Republique has more secondary guns in the front, meant for jousting.
    Bismarck has better dispersion than Tirpitz, but not all Bismarck’s secondaries can shoot forward, Tirpitz has shittier dispersion but all her secondaries can fire forward and has torpeduz. There are differences you look closer at the design. Two examples to show you youre probably doing it wrong, not just captain skills and buffing the wrong things, when you get down to brass tacks if you REALLY wanted to min max the shit out of your skill cap.

  19. I just change to copy. Lol. Will see how it works.

  20. Inertia fuse for HE shells is inefficient. Will it still work?

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