Hyuga AP is working xD – World of Warships

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Another game with Hyuga on a much bigger and more open map with a bit different MM. This ship under current circumstances seems to be working just fine.

We’ll see how it does without deadeye ofc.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. That AP do be working

  2. Very first game i was against Hyuga i personally felt that AP works. With the angle and the fact i was in tier IX S. Souyz i asked my self what the devil was the caliber of those guns?

  3. is anyone else gonna comment about the myoko that sailed full broadside in front of mogami and got bitch slapped?

  4. Tobias Reinhold

    5:50 Watch the friendly Myoko in the background, that’s precisely how to NOT play their cruiser. Massive health advantage, similar strength of ships, gets absolutey gobsmacked out of existence because he presented the flattest broadside imaginable.

    • the myoko was being pressured from behind the island by 2 ships so he was getting crossfired hard, check the minimap

    • Tobias Reinhold

      @indefinity Pretty sure you’re mixing up the friendly Myoko, the one I am talking about, with the enemy Mogami, who I was not talking about. If you look closely at the minimap, you’ll see that neither the enemy Izmail, nor the New Orleans or any of the northern parts of the enemy team had a decent shot at the Myoko.

    • @Tobias Reinhold Yeah I mixed it up. sorry about that.

  5. If only I could play so well,Every time I miss

  6. Watch the shots at Nagato in the end again and then cry about the lost doublestrike and kraken! That would have been so perfect…

  7. Dead eye nice, but lot of shots were actually that accurate without Dead eye active. 🙂

    • I can confirm that this ship doesn’t need dead eye at all, and apart from the first salvo, this game illustrates this well.

    • Yeah i noticed thoughout that A engagement he had like 2 ships within his base detection range. This baby got good guns.

    • @Jay Werner it’s a classical Japanese sniper again. Lovely. Reliable guns make ships very attractive

  8. Well, many of your “Dead Eye shots” were in fact fired from below standard spotting range, so not affaected by this skill, so … great accuracy even without it!

  9. Hyuga is still a solid ship as I expected it to be. Dead eye isn’t a skill I use anyway. Now if only they didn’t want so much damn money for it!

  10. would love to see u play this after deadeye removal and see how it compares

    • As many people in this comments section have pointed out, not at all, as for the majority of that engagement at the A circle there was atleast 1 enemy within his base detection range

  11. I have very lucky to Hyuga and I really enjoyed alot but someone say why they buying this ship then their ships got karma bitch payback by Hyuga lol

  12. Whats flams fav TX BB???
    I think Bourgogne

  13. TheDebtCollector

    Hyuga is one of my favorite ships lol

  14. Glad that Flambass gets his KotS crates – I’m missing two so far, plus a couple of twitch crates.

  15. Well given most of those shots at A were without deadeye, these guns are gonna be fine.

  16. Gaming Vendetta

    Other players: “I dont think my shells will hit him”
    Flambass : “Ohhhh… he is overtaking me”

  17. CrazyCroatian sounds like the next new nickname to me

  18. DarkestVampire92

    What if the russians pull a bamboozle and Deadeye is replaced with a skill that just gives you 10% accuracy in all situations?
    Something something “This way players will be incentivized to play less passively”

  19. It’s offical flambass says russian bbs need a buff…:-)

  20. no wonder with 12 fucking shells,op beast!

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