I-56 in weird MM – World of Warships

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I hate everything about subs, but WG updated their API and stats pages got all ships updated and that includes submarines. Apparently 1 of them was pretty bad stat wise and it was this one.

I really wanted to improve it so I never have to play it again.

All I’m gonna say is that more I played it, the worse my stats got.

This is the absolute best match I had in it and others didn’t even come close.

It is an incredibly dumb design and piss ass boring but I don't want to leave any ship in super low stats so…..send help

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  1. Charles Stromvall

    Flambass say to the sun ” stop going under. What else is a sub supposed to do?

  2. That is some of the craziest MM I’ve ever seen.

  3. There’s also a fail div which probably spawned this.

    It’s not just 11v11 with 3 subs, you have 2 t6 vs t9s.

    Edit 2 unmatched t6, so it’s also asymmetrical MM.

    • Took me awhile to catch on to that. . . Wait, Pommern vs. Bayern? I wonder whether they learned anything from that experience. Extra fun with subs in the game, ASW planes with less range than sub torpedoes.

    • 2 Bayern in a div with a Gneisenau. I bet the rest of their team was so glad to have double fail on their side. Makes the match more challenging – as if fighting against Flambass and Trenlass together wasn’t enough of a challenge already. lol

  4. Game is struggling for players cause long term players are so fed up with CV and Subs ruining their game. Getting chased down by a Sub in a jean Bart is just plain stupid.

  5. the word you look for is probably ‘monkeys’.
    Trenlass seems a natural submarine main.

  6. Flambass has fallen to the sub side.

  7. hydro spotting torpedoes further than the sub that is launching these torpedoes, yeah, seems logic, size matters for sure…

    • torpedos are loud as heck
      so it it is technically realistic to be able to spot them from further away than the actual sub
      not counting in the actual launching that would pinpoint the sub….

    • @Keith Sinter realistic? Like subs going 30knts? Kekw please stop using the term “realistic” while talking about WG

  8. 3 subs per side. This doesn’t temp me to play this game again at all.

  9. 0:46 when Flambass zooms the fellow sub, the whole scene looks very realistic.
    The clouds, the water waves, the sun reflections on it, it’s perfect.
    Graphic department deserves the credit.

  10. I stopped playing around 6 months ago and I am so glad I have. Still watch these videos but I won’t be playing anymore as I know it’s just not fun anymore.

  11. The CV main turned into a sub main.

  12. The problem is, defending against submarines, like defending against aircraft, requires different formations and tactics than engaging in a straight-up surface action. When submarines are present, one would never detach destroyers from major fleet units, but keep them close by to provide an ASW screen. That means you cannot use them to scout or engage in torpedo attacks on major enemy units. By the same token, defending against aircraft means adopting a circular formation, with your high value assets at the center, and powerful anti-aircraft units further out; while the best formation for surface action is either line or column, to maximize firepower, allow concentration of fire, clear arcs of fire, and divide enemy fire. On the other hand, line or column would allow aircraft to overwhelm surface ships in detail. WoW wants to eat its cake and have it, too–mingling surface ships, carriers, and submarines in the same battle space, without acknowledging the divergent operational and tactical requirements of each.

  13. Well these are pretty failed set of rules. You shouldnt be able to see with radar through land. But then on the other hand, planes need wonderful (for 2nd World War standards) radios to spot targets live, BB should have biggest view range (it has its spotter highest up so yeah, its easier to see whole hull from the top of BB than the top of the BB over the horizon). Also no subs should engage warships. There is a lot wrong with logic here, but when in madland you cant be reasonable…

  14. Seems Trenlass loves sub, lol

  15. 30kt deisel subs yep sounds legit… And this plus uber strong fighters you cant shoot down till after they have attacked you is why I dont play Ships anymore.

  16. Is it just me or is Flambass intentionally ignoring going deeper to avoid detection by the Lion?
    I had my hands in the air like.,.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, UNICUM STREAMER GUY!? lol

  17. Edward McKinnon

    In real life, subs can dive and use thermoclines to hide, from hydrophones at least. Sonar would probably still work?

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