I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Had a really good game in the mitsuki earlier , when will ships learn there not safe in smoke got 2 devastating strikes from throwin torps into smoke lol

  2. The title alone makes this the best video yet

  3. What is up with the glitch at 7:03 lol

  4. Very good my question for you have you tried playing with the T22 and having the captain that reduces your reload. That ship is literally a gunboat. A good player can put up crazy numbers. Had a match where I got 120k. Its fabulous ship in my eyes.

  5. I was in my furutaka in ranked and just sprayed a wide berth of torps and i killed all three of there destroyers

  6. “…Let me know what you think because I personally am on my side..”…LOOL

  7. It’s match making like this that makes me not want to play Ranked. 4 DD’s per 7 ship team or even 5 DD’s per team. It’s bad enough when there’s 3 per 9 ship team in Standard. If they ever get around to limiting it to 2 DD’s per team like they originally said, I’ll get back into it.

  8. I’m waiting for the descent ppl to level up so I can stand a chance ?

  9. 911 Operator: how can I help you? Player: I’d like to report a mass murder…Outstanding David, more fun than your poopy old Iowa eh???

  10. Did I hear you say that you were going to back out of the hole and pop back in?

  11. Looks to me that Spartan is enjoying DDs more and more. When you can’t beat them, join them, eh?

  12. This is a torp mini gun

  13. Wow. GG Spartan. GG. ??

  14. Lol sometimes you just gotta get nasty!

  15. Hey, leave some for the rest of us there bub, lol

  16. GG.Killed you did! Death they got. Peas love and gravy, Johnno Bloke.

  17. Really sick gameplay. I would’ve hate to be on the other side of the force against you.

  18. That was an EPIC match!!! Cheers

  19. spartan Elite42 kills nemesis Spartan Lord35. Seeing these names I wonder if they randomly generated by xbox?

  20. Awesome round dude and think I need to use my DD’s more in ranked as seam to have better wins in them

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