I Am Inevitable! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Let’s see if this is one that i screwed!! 😂😂

  2. Hi!! Love the content spartan would like to see some ultimate admiral dreadnoghts a bit more also enjoyes that stream on ultimate admiral dreadnoughts yesterday

  3. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    When people pay attention, you’ll wish you was on the Red Team.

  4. great match!

  5. I just got the Bismarck and I’ll make sure I won’t ever do this: 11:10 . Thanks Spartan, great video as always.

  6. I ws sailing my vlady trying ti get to the right side and I didn’t know this was a Kansas, I lose 77% of my hp, I wanted to quit BUT I didn’t and kept fighting, ended the game with a dreadnought and 110k

  7. lol, everyone still seems to forget that Kansas has just as much firepower over the rear as the front. Shoot the front guns, people go broadside to get you with all their guns, you shuffle, they go “oh, crap”.

  8. 2 gasps in a single game finished me off 😂😂

  9. ah, so you is a zombie from hades. the undead that just keeps on coming after you.

  10. Great fun

  11. I had so many engaging games last night, and it was a blast. Nicely done Spartan.

  12. When i see you in the USS Kansas i can’t help but have the Jaws theme song stuck in my head.

  13. I was the first Marlborough. And sur im paing attention…. I saw a “spartan” and i was just a bit afraid 🙈😂

    Nice game and best greets from germany (sorry for my english)

    Ralf (Tatanka)

  14. Timothy pickering

    Currently on Nevada working my way to the Kansas its such a grind

  15. Jeffrey Middleton

    Kansas is a beast! Definitely one of my go to ships for having fun in

  16. USS KANSAS BB-49 ! !!!!!!! THE MOUNTAIN OF GUNS power of the Dreadnought 🙂

  17. Phenomenal Video spartan! Another “hell of a” game

  18. This my fav vid by far keep it up spartan

  19. Lmao like the singing and thought you died by the cruiser when he torped you but what a game ggs

  20. Thank you
    Spartan Elite
    Been a long time since I last watched your channel. Keep on singing

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