I am now ANTI-AIR main – World of Warships

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If you came here thinking “oh my, Flambass will be playing a USN ship, I wonder which one”, you must be new here. USN? AA? Pfffft

RASSA comrade, only RASSA can shoot those pesky planes down.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Oh man this feels good, i play CVs but even when i play my halland it’s too much fun haha. I got 62 with my Halland yesterday, immelman just kept bringing planes and i was happy to shoot em down.

  2. 4:15 The answer is Slava – of course 🙂
    12:35 saw the flare? CV heal activated 🙂

  3. So as you’re in the process of killing his CV, the one time he should definitely be attacking you. He doesn’t. Who are these people?! Baffling

  4. lol, the guy on his team at start asking ‘wth kind of name is Montana princess?!” lol

  5. That useless Colombo spamming chat and looking at the battle from A line. That kind of player makes me want to ragequit so bad.

  6. So those are the players whom WG deems to be experienced enough to get superships, because they have unlocked techtree T10s… (or bought them in the armory, let’s call this an oversight by WG). What can go wrong? ^^

  7. Gets hit on Portside bow. Starboard torp launchers disabled.

  8. The battleship at B9 doing what battleships tend to do, running away and crying for help…

  9. Imagine a game having a karma system that actually means something…….

    • Yeah I was first really confused about all this scav and karma talk and thought “is this scav thing related to some new game mode or something? anyway, who the heck cares about karma?” and then realized he was talking about Tarkov.

  10. Flambass: Enemy DM is irrelevant
    Enemy Shima: Allow me to introduce myself…

  11. That Immelmann driver was solely looking to say, in future, “Yeah! I sank Flambass!! I’m so good! It was too easy, really! He’s not as good as he thinks he is!”

    • I recon that was the case. But he pretended to not know, by saying “Wait, I was killed by flambass” at the end.

  12. EPIC push, dude!
    DEranged Des Moines was just hilarious. XD

  13. 15:40 “You dead yet moses?”
    “Not yet!”
    12:35 “Where is my plane?”

    Almost in good order… 🙂

  14. My best AA Defense was 57, in my North Carolina. I never did die either, that CV was so mad and his team would’ve won if he hadn’t focused me the entire match lol.

    • I once got AA Defense Expert in a frickin Tashkent. It wasn’t the most planes I ever killed, but imagine how much focus from the CV is required for a Tashkent to get AADE. IIRC it was a Pobeda so fighters are the only thing I should realistically shoot down. He permaspotted and hard focused me even before I was any kind of threat to him, so I decided to just rush at him when he failed to realize he had to run with his team. I gunned him down and in the end he got something like 3k damage on me. Probably the most incompetent CV I’ve seen.

    • I shot down 86 planes in the Alabama. They had spotting and my team had a crap CV player, so when I got the chance to chase him down I took it. He kept throwing planes at me until he ran into the map border in the corner. It was glorious fun killing that CV! My team won the game bc he was so focused on me he quit spotting for his team

  15. You should really try a full AA build worcester in a CV division

  16. Carlos Alonso Delgado

    des moines only had to get closed before start spamming, but he did what a des moines with range will do, waste shells and hp.

  17. I shot down 63 in a Neptune the other day and it was glorious

  18. It’s like watching a child being forced to eat his vegatables.

  19. Yeah against some of the flimsiest planes in the game

  20. My all time fun police record: I have shot down 104 planes from a Kaga with my Massa and he still had enough planes to sink me, that goddamn sky cancer. We lost the match too.

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