I AM THE CAPTAIN NOW – World of Warships

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Clash Defiant by Kevin MacLeod

Outro Song:
Mickey Valen – Wildcard (feat.
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  1. Beep beep I’m a sheep

  2. I will get lost in the comments

  3. tfw you’re on time to use the code

  4. Never mention World of Warplanes

  5. wow, the editing is phenomenal

  6. Ok Jordan, please don’t use this editing style.

  7. The editing on this video was so good

  8. Man I love Mianate purge highlights his editing on sonja channel is so funny! I love him here too PLS JARDON MORE MIANITE PURGE HIGHLIGGTS. But I also don’t want nick to go. So just use them both.

  9. Now I can get Sparklez to tell WoW to bring back ARS Nova ship skins.


  11. Can we have Mighty Jingles or IChase review Jardon’s battles?

  12. Nova the Great ́

    As a regular player of these games, it truly pains me to see people play Nd have not the slightest clue on how to play or what to do. Word of advice for playing game by Wargaming, watch a video on how to play the make your gameplay video( as not to anger the community). PS- destroyers rely on their torpedoes more than their main battery guns and NEVER MENTION WORLD OF WARPLANES EVER!

  13. Well at least you didn’t go straight to T10 and make yourself look like a right ass hat so I have some respect for that 😉

  14. Editing on this video feels way too shifty and jumpy. Everything feels all over the place. Constant zooms, memes and background sounds just don’t fit well together with the video.

  15. As great as it is to see new people picking up the game… This wasn’t easy to watch for a veteran player used to seeing top-level play. xP Appreciate you guys giving it a shot!

  16. Did Crainer edit your video today?

  17. Was nick high while editing this?

  18. I fell like I’m the only one who likes the editing

  19. Cool editing bro XD

  20. War Thunder please!

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