I became a magician – World of Warships

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Magic, VooDoo, Tricks, Spells and Wizards had to come together to make THIS happen.

Between a rock and hard place the choice was kinda obvious so I went for it but never truly expected it to work.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. “i hope he gives me some broadside”
    Enemy team: all they had to do was run and hide
    First minotaur cant resist doing some small dmage and dies
    Then Petropavlovsk gives exact broadside …
    Throwing hard.

    • GK should have just sailed into the corner and used the island as cover between him
      and Flambass but instead sailed back towards the middle and got perma spotted and died

    • @David B or hide behind that island and heal up. They all threw.

    • first of all that minotaur was chewing the FFFF out of his hp pool. i reckon he could have sunk flambass if he didnt get the blind fire hit.

    • @Dan martinac 2khp Mino fires at battleship with 25khp 9.5km away…
      Me: magic 8-ball, does the Mino win the game here?
      Magic 8-ball: Hell to the naw.

  2. I always love my german ‘mates’ that are not willing to write in english when they complain… i mean, Smaland was not a bad player at all but still FAR behind you…
    Also his amazing pinging into the map corner, meaning you are dumb, useless or so ever…
    Hope he will see this video an be “proud” to be featured 😀 😀 😀

    • Tbh unless it’s really a bot I find most people calling someone a bot will do something so stupid you know they have no patience.

      This is a game that rewards the right balance between patience and aggression.

    • Sorosoroそろそろ

      @Pascal Ter meer Nah… sometimes it’s just hard to distinguish good players from bad. (not always the case)

    • That smalland has enough games to understand the most stupid stuff not to do, but still a bad players position-wise and Team-Play wise: poor use of his radar through the whole game, bad map positioning, useless risks (push in A and the last useless shots on Mino which killed him) and poor plays in advantageous situations (when DDs pushed in A and when he had already info about the Stalingrad pushing Flamb in front of him).

      He was a bad player imho, he just had one of the best ships at the tier to compensate for that.

    • Its a player who make mistakes and complains in german that his mates made mistakes. Absolutely no self reflection.

    • @Pascal Ter meer
      I am one of them, to my regret.
      And we are with many …
      We hebben nog een paar stoelen over, kom erbij zitten. ; )

  3. RPF Petro shooting HE at the back of a battleship… sometimes, there are really good players out there in the muck

    But then… knowing exactly where Flambass is… Petro gives up full broadside to lose the game. So maybe not good and more likely just using someone else’s build and probably spamming HE the whole game.

  4. “2 magical citadels or we lose”
    Magic 8-ball: “Better not tell you now.”

  5. Flambass, you’ve always been a magician, the mighty Flambino !

  6. I’m kind of tired seeing my fellow countrymen making fools of themselves blaming everything on “the team”, “the bots”, just because you don’t do what those little Raeders are expecting from you. Sure, you COULD have tried to help killing the Shima, but you had such a juicy broadside from the Stalin – i would probably have chosen to do something about that, too. And he – did a serious misplay, shooting the Mino when he knew the Petro was right behind her. Maybe we all should look at our own shortcomings more than blaming everything one someone else. Blaming YOU of all people only showed what poor judgement he really has ^^. Well done, Sir.

    • Just to be clear: It’s embarassing no matter what nation you are from, it’s just more depressing for me if a German is doing it…

    • @rantanplan178 I really try, seriously, but there is just so much you can bear without getting angry yourself. Flambass played a solid game, too. So where is the consideration? Playing a solid game just isn’t enough for those people, you have to be a friggin’ genius to be acknowledged. How about we cut each other some slack and just appreciate the fact that we are able to play this game? People who aren’t yelled at are far more likely to improve than others. Tell them a bit, without blaming, and try to fit into their shoes. Why didn’t they do it? Maybe there was a solid reason? I got a -1 once for not shooting an almost dead yugumo – while I was facing a BB and a DD in my Mino. I was simply looking the other way. A reasonable -1? I don’t think so.
      Usually I try to go with the benefit of the doubt, too, but lately I feel like there is a drunk player in EVERY game I play, and that’s starting to add up. I left WOT because of this, and I would rather not want to see this here…

  7. Two awesome endings in a row. Great streak Flambino!!

  8. what suprised me more is that Petro knocked out both of your front turrets in one salvo, that is some decent balanc

  9. And those two magical citadels are to this day, the only two citadels scored against that stupid, broken ship in its entire history.

  10. Petro can do absolutelly anything he wants and win the game, just as long as he doesnt go full broadside….And of course, Petro goes full broadside.

    • [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

      Potato players are a double edge sword, they make you lose hard and they also gives you these moments but everyone hates them

  11. 10:25 this is hilarious. Look at the dispersion of the shells fired with lock on and look at the RNG in the shells fired blind right after that (and it was a citadel on f*cking GK). Thanks WG for adding such a balanced and useful feature.

  12. Hope you are managing to have some fun playing WoWs Flambass, because I enjoy watching your vids and not a Tarkov fan (I watch some), but certainly understand your desire (and need) to be entertained and not frustrated by a game! All the best.

  13. SO magical 😉 Well played Flambass!!

  14. Great fun game to watch. Sometimes RNG giveth and sometimes it taketh away.
    Well done to the superlative magician, “The Great Flambino”!!!!
    I really hope “CSsAlex” the bad mouthing DD player, is watching this video, just so he can know what a gobshite he really is, and just how much his failure to own his lack of foresight is not anyone else’s fault but his own.

  15. I’m continually amazed by the skill and absolute luck this guy has. I suspect the luck is actually skill, but the shot against the Petro was priceless.

  16. Best WoW game I’ve seen in a long time!!! Excellent job Flambass!

  17. I think that is the greatest ending I’ve ever scene lol great job.. The ole man would be proud

  18. Burwood Prestige Cars

    awesome to see you turn it around, great game, stay positive and safe Flambass

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