I Can’t Believe This Worked – Ohio Full AA/Secondary Build

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. This was so weird to watch, because AA focus spec seems so trivial these days. With airships gone, game feels a little bit barren too. But still, Ohio delivers.

  2. With the hybrids, AA skills could become more important

  3. Weege is also so subtle with skills – cv player has skills designed to reduce dmg taken and improve dmg done. While warship captain is in situation “not enough points” and mods

    We are basically in situation stock AA vs boosted cv planes

    Hydro/defaa is another example. So subtle, mini radar useful in every battle or occasional AA action… Deffaa needs to be separate consumable

  4. Now imagine if the capt skills for secondaries also buffed the AA of the ships…

  5. AA builds in some ships are scary, i love my gouden leeuw and worcester AA builds [except i use the reload module on worcester instead of the AA one]

    Can easily destroy a whole squad of FDR due to the damage increase of the flak

  6. I’ve played otherwise full secondary Ohio a lot in Airship. Only thing is I do use 11% accuracy mod and it seems to work in randoms as well with that.

  7. US BB probably the only line that’s the best for full AA build especially ship that has defensive AA cons like Vermont.
    Not only will you completely destroy half of his squadron, but you will also stay afloat even after he hits you with the remaining squadron. (aslong its not USS or skip bomber)
    It just too bad that these AA buff doesn’t affect Fighter plane…

    I play full AA Vermont and AA Minatour, Just for the chance of CV not kill me in one strike and welcoming the hybrids

    But man… I love my AA Vermont more than my AA Mino.
    Sometimes AA Vermont is too good against planes that CV will ignore me and render my AA build useless, lol.

    • Yeah if their is one thing the US Dreadnaughts got going for them, it’s AA fire power. Def AA really is a Night and Day Difference when it comes to AA sometimes. Generally speaking though, Flak is the best defense (if you can get your team to cluster in groups), once they get past that, if all your AA rings have about the same damage you should be fine.

      Just something iv noticed playing Flint, all its aa rings have similar damage. As opposed to a US BB or tech line Cruiser which has most of AA in MID and Short range and only like 50 in Long range.

  8. I love Ohio, but it desperately needs the ASW range buff. Subs are still the evil lurking in this game.

  9. This got me thinking how cool it would be if the special captains could have two seperate builds for each class with a modest switching fee say 50 dubs to swap and change between them?

    • i mean, you can have a captain for one TechLineShip and endless PremiumShip (of the same Country) with seperate Skils for each Class, isn’t it? They reason they don’t make it free: they want you to grind, to suffer, hence pay money to make the grind easier ^^

    • @Tearnofear Yes that’s right. But with the special captains it would be good to have them capable of multi builds for each class. For example my Halsey captain is trained for Montana and built for accuracy and range but I would love to use him for my Massachucetts with a full secondary build too. To be able to switch a special captain between a seondary and tanky build for a reasonable cost would be nice. Could have a few games per each ship type each day using special captains without having to respec each time but WG still would get paid.

    • What i think can work is something like world of tanks has, if you play a ship more after you full unlock her you get access to a second build where you can choose different equipment and captain skills.
      So captains in that ship will be able to choose 2 builds and equipment will have 2 loadouts too.

  10. my idea for AA buff is to make AA affected by the same buffs given to secondaries, so you can spec secondaries and get better AA fire rate/range

  11. The most plane kills Ive gotten is around 54 in Kremlin, so maybe consider doing a full AA on her…

  12. I think this really features more that Ohio can be built with anything in mind and will still do well, similar to how it doesn’t matter what you throw onto a Nevsky, it’ll still be a Nevsky and do Nevsky things. Notice that AA build or not, the cv was getting strikes off. 100k AA damage seemingly entirely unimpactful to the actual gameplay. So yea idk, good game, but you haven’t convinced me that speccing AA and sacrificing other fairly necessary items like dispersion reduction is worth it.

  13. jinan austin yodo are all very suitable for full aa builds because they really got nothing to lose anyway and their full aa can actually shoot down some planes

    • Same with petro.

      It’s still a stupidly tough cruiser but it’s AA isn’t bad and with a build you get radar cool down reduction whenever the cv is trying to hit you.

  14. Please help me understand this: I like your zoom-settings. Can you please explain, what mods you use for that? I always have a problem focusing ships because if I zoom in and lead appropriately, the body is out of the frame. This doesn’t happen in your videos. I asked RipperDD and he tried to help but I don’t get it. It is really frustrating – especially if you play a DD and run against a DD.

  15. WG should implement a feature where u can pick a crew skill build that u made before getting into the battle and u could make maybe 2 types of it. It should be free on premium ships and on tech tree ships u would need to pay maybe 500 gold up to a 1k max to have this feature.
    It wouldnt be too op and it would also bring them a nice amount of money IMO

  16. I got the Queen Mary as some sort of a gift and man are BBs fun to play especially when people don’t focus you down. Got 7 dev strikes in 6 games today feelsoodman

  17. I stopped playing WoW about a year ago now but I still love watching these videos! Can’t get enough

  18. The problem with reinforced sectors is that good CVs can “outplay” that quite easily with squadron which attack from bow or stern. All they need to do is wait for the moment you choose a side and then slightly changing their angle to the other one. But I don’t think that many CVs are actually doing that, I mean you still have CVs that fly into flak lmao

  19. Good point about not getting focused by cv possibly. I think as a streamer more likelihood you will be focused due to notoriety but for us peasants the aa build might not work out as well! Good video

  20. you should try a full aa/consumable wooster build its tons of fun and you can completely deny cvs with 6 dfaa consumables

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