I can’t believe this – World of Warships

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Sometimes you wonder if you did something different, would it enough to change what happened or would it change the entire event completely and have a totally different outcome.

Sometimes you just wish a potato wasn’t a potato.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Loved Flambass’ enjoyment while watching this stream, so good the kraken makes it YT worthy.

  2. Tall island: **exists**
    Flambass: D I L D O

  3. Максим Шишлов

    This halland cosplayed typical shima: “I have torps – i use torps, i have guns – i not use guns”

    • Must be different on your server. On NA, people played Gunbote Shima regularly.

    • @chris b I play Asashio a lot it’s not a gunboat but I managed to kill from full hp a division of two kitakaze’s yesterday with guns I honestly felt sorry for the enemy team having players like that.

    • @Ushio01 Fucking hell. Full gunboat DDs should *always* be wary of a full HP and alert Kitakaze and her sister Harugumo, and the fact that a torpbote killed two Kitakaze with nothing but guns is painful on so many levels.

    • @Shawn Christensen The standards of play is getting worse as people fail up faster than ever.

      I realised how easy it is when I in just 44 matches over 2 days went from 3000 free exp to 1 million playing my Asashio and getting the Groningen for free exp.

      With so many flags and camo’s getting top tier ships is easy than ever especially if you’ve been playing for years skill not required.

  4. The pain to see that Halland fail that carry soo badly

  5. “My Wife Plays Better” sunk by: “I sank your Waifu”


  6. Every wargaming battle in a nutshell. You won’t find a more brain-dead community than this. That combined with massive RNG and there’s the reason I stopped playing both games.

    • try LOL in iron/bronze/silver

    • @John Lock That is just a different brand of stupid. League is a lot more fast paced and twitchy, which leaves room for a lot more mistakes that can spiral out of control.

      Wows, you have PLENTY of time to think about what you’re doing. So there’s no excuse for stupid.

    • @Orange Dream while what you are saying is generally true, most of the mistakes lol players make (from what I have seen) are not made during split second decisions, they are ignorant of the situation and bloodthirsty(wanting kills and wanting to win harder), and these tendencies lead to loss and “feeding” later on

    • @John Lock kinda what I was getting at with time to think. League being a lot more involved in the now, doesn’t let you look into later as much. Taking the average muppet into consideration that has trouble processing ideas in hours/days/years (given general student body), the less time they have the worse it’ll get. Thus in wows where you have 2-3 minutes to decide what you’ll do, screwing that up is more indicative of actual intelligence.

  7. Lets appreciate names in this game.

    “My Wive plays better” was sunk by “I _sunk_your_Waifu”

  8. That Halland needs praise actually, it must be hard to play without opposable thumbs.

  9. I agree with the one Twitch viewer: I enjoy watching (some) streamers play WoWS more than I enjoy playing the actual game. Especially when Trenlass, Flambass and Mr. G get together in a division. That’s some funny stuff right there! 🙂

  10. I have never seen anything like this ever in this game. That ending was so painful, the level of frustration – I can only imagine. I can not blame anyone here, end of the day other team had better players, that is what came out , happens.

    • Never? That has to be because you dont pay attention. More often than not people will use 30 seconds aiming torps, instead of just use guns when its much more effective. And a lot of the time they will die because of it

    • @Bonde7280 This. The sheer number of full fledged gunboats trying to use their torpedoes is incredibly painful. And while the pan-European line is a torpedo focused line, Halland is the only one that also has extremely good guns that shine against destroyers who don’t have a focus on guns.

  11. When seconds count, torpedoes are only minutes away.

  12. The M.K. Young Show

    Flambass ~ “THERE’S NO WAY THIS IS HAPPENING! NO WAY!” WoWs ~ “Hold my beer.”

  13. its one of these: “what does a guy have to do to win in this game” moments
    as usual your own team is kinda your worst enemy

  14. Yeah, it’s the top comment….

  15. Big thumbs up for that enemy Shima – he knows his job, ship and can land shells. He opened in the moment when Flambass started farming Thunderer and would be able to go silent just before Flambass would be able to finish him anytime. What a great use of Shima guns and positioning, I love to see it cause this is the way that ship is meant to be played. Those guns hurt and have quite good chance fo setting a fire.

  16. The last 6 weeks have been exactly this. Over the last 2 years, 55% WR…last 6 weeks win one, lose 80. I’ve truly had enough

  17. Scoring the highest XP of all players while still losing should earn an achievement called “Angry Bear at the Potato Farm.”

  18. “why are we losing this game” – looks at Yamato on the 9 line…

  19. Like how you complimented Elbing, he kept you alive with two smokes, the second just for you.
    But most i like, correction, love how agressive you play while keeping oversight,
    i have 17K games in this godforsaken game but i notice i`m still learning from you
    and have fun watching you play, thanks for that mate!

  20. “There’s still a Thunderer left, I don’t know his HP…”
    Uhh… Flambi dear, that’s what you’ve got the “everyone’s HP bar on the top left and top right”-mod installed xD

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