I Did 258k Damage With My Yugumo! – World Of Warships

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  1. 258k, doubt.
    Sees 3 Iowa’s , oh ok.

  2. Nice score! I’d happily watch more world of warships videos. They’re very youtube friendly imho. Something about the pace of the game.

  3. Would love to see more of those “insight” videos. Great work!


  5. Hell of a game. Your “teammates” are demonstrating the problem with a vast majority of warships players. An equal mix of cowardice and stupidity.

    • Yeah, it can be rough. Players intentionally arriving late to a battle so they aren’t targeted first and also trying to not lose their ships creates a lot of bad play and poor cohesion.

    • @LevelCapGaming It feels like they could really do something about this by changing the scoring system to better reward ship classes that play their roles. More points for battleships taking potential damage, more points for destroyers doing spotting damage, more for cruisers doing damage to enemies spotted by others, etc. Rather than the one size fits all approach that rewards passive play.

    • Couldn’t have said it any better myself

    • @Insanitypepper We’ve been harping at WG to do that for years they wont

    • Literally can be applied to all casual and honestly just the majority of all gamers.

  6. I always love your world of warships videos.

  7. And I’m out here struggling to get 2k damage in Apex

  8. Glad to see you’re still with warships?

  9. Lvl never expect your team to do jack.

  10. The british tier 10 light cruiser, Minotaur, has 2 torp launchers per side. Just a head’s up.

    • Marvin Steimle-Rominger

      most crusers do have two torp launchers on each side
      bsp (mogami ibuki zao fiji edin neptune york hipper roon hindenburg …)

  11. Also, nice team throw.

  12. Quick tip: Dont change to main guns and select a ship if you want to harrass them with torps. Reason: Most have primary target as commander skill, and youll actually tell them when you switch to torps (only main guns count as targeted for the primary target skill)

  13. More of these pls

  14. Lvl likes this game because of the ribbons

  15. Hi LevelCap… I’ve been a long time subscriber of yours for your BF content but WoWS has had all of my attention in recent years. My friends and I in Australia are moving from the SEA Server to NA next week, I look forward to crossing swords with you soon! Look out for clan Bravo Zulu! [B-Z] 🙂

  16. We officially conclude , level cap is a lolicon.

  17. Hans Bruhn Neergaard

    Great commentary level!

  18. Very tactical game….playing water Chess…..I think I like this. Will have to give it a try. Thanks Level

  19. I much prefer you narrating this full continuous game as compared to just clips of you getting kills. Nice, keep it up!

  20. Hey Level type into the chat —> [e3]

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