I did not see that coming – World of Warships

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Sometimes you do your best to win, but it seems impossible.

Sometimes you think you got it in a bag, and you lose it.

This one I didn’t see coming I gotta say.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I love how long it took him to realise that both Moskva and Z were on the other side

  2. “How did we win?!” You held two caps, it accumulated fast.

  3. 4:00 I could hear the AA gunners going “Come on man, i’m on my break, let me at least finish my cigarette…”

  4. Kurosaki990Ichigo

    I have yet to watch a video from you where i don’t have to adjust my volume. One minute you’re whispering, next minute you’re screaming into the mic.

  5. XD Love it how you play so good and still sometimes are a potato when it comes to general awareness xD I’m rather the opposite, not very good at micro management, but gimme the macros and im good xD

  6. That was some of the worst situational awareness I’ve ever seen from Flambass…

  7. You sank the CV, you seldom sell your self short, and did say ‘IF’ you could sink the CV, LOL.

  8. Spends two minutes analyzing what to do next when sailing directly into fighter coverage seen the whole time :O

  9. I was excited and crazy just watching it live. Watching it again is getting me nuts. Gg

  10. 16:10 this used to be how I react everyday because I made a difference. now? this happens once a month.

  11. I am genuinely happy to see Flambino having a good time again, playing Wows.

  12. Z is probably the toughest match up for daring, can get you perma hydroed pretty easily.

  13. LOL , i was paying so close attention to the CV HP i didnt see that coming either .. you got me too. very nice, gg

  14. When Your CV player sank enemy Moskva, that’s when the tiny light shone at the end. Then there was hope. Your skill killing the enemy CV won because you took the cap and your CV stayed alive like you. Smolensk knew how to play for sure.

  15. 3:57- Soon as you get spotted there. You HAVE to smoke. Shoulda been dead there, huge misplay.

  16. I like watching you videos, its nice to see someone being honest about things in game.

  17. Hehe, “they” are not sending “their” ships anywhere. Its just a random collection of seven individuals who don’t communicate and play poorly.

  18. Love how everyone says CV are so OP and this and that but yet flambass manages to kill a full hp cv while he himself is on 30% hp by purely uses his guns and uses his smokes and dodging skills to evade attacks.
    Just basically puts all those points about ‘judge dodge (sarcasm)’ and ‘nothing a dd can do against a cv’ in the trash

  19. I know you complimented the Smolensk and rightly so but I’d like to point out that it was he that sank the Yamato You probably didn’t notice in the heat of battle but I think the Yammie damage conned your flood and then the Smolensk set him on fire which is what did it. You just saw the health bar ticking down and assumed it was the flood.

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