I don’t even know… – World of Warships

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I know it is low tier but…..I just….I don’t even…..enjoy….

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  1. FreedomFighterEx

    I just witness a man lose his hope, soul, and trust in humanity.

  2. Tier 3 is just pure joy. This is the reason every hightier CV has to be op, WG just knows their lobotomized playerbase.

  3. Flambino questioning his reality at the end 😀

  4. That CV player must be completely new… He had no idea how to lead the attacks to get proper angles with the torpedo planes at the end.

  5. After all these years, the game still surprises you. In the bad way.

  6. ofc we knew the outcome, but the reactions made it even better XD

  7. After seeing Jingle’s showing of this “battle”, I wondered what Flambass’ expression would be after snorting ice cubes – my term for the kind of brain freeze of incredulity you get from encountering something that bad that your already low expectations for the human race drops even further.

  8. Christopher Game Dev

    “92,8k, 3 kills and a win” – says Flambass smiling
    I’m smiling too, because I already watched Jingles video… XD

  9. “Win rate going up!”

    Me: Only thing left is to see his reaction.

  10. when he said “3 kills and a win” l couldnt stop laughing and when he said “if they lose this and l dought they will” l was in stitches

  11. The struggle is real at tier 3, but hopefully, they will learn as they go through each new tier.

  12. Connor Stephens

    Flambass went through all 5 stages of grief during that battle

  13. You can almost feel the physical pain he suffers from watching…

  14. I have to say I was somewhat surprised in the reactions. After watching the A Game of Throws season closer, I really expected screaming, chair-throwing, keyboard smashing, etc.

    I am impressed by your composure, sir. Well done.

  15. You didn’t notice he turned his mic off for the last 3 minutes of the game?

  16. Flambass’s reaction was F’n hilarious. I watched Jingles first so I was prepared for the ensuing comedy.

  17. I thought I had muted my speakers at the end. I’ve never seen Flambass that quiet ….ever!

  18. And me and it was worth it!

  19. I remember people in the comments on Jingles’ video being like “Flambass must have been screaming at his teammates!”

    I was thinking “Oh hell no. He probably laughed in disbelief.”

    Turns out I was partially right. I wasn’t expecting the soul crushing silence for that amount of time, lol.

  20. This was so much funnier watching the ending when I could watch Flambass react than it was watching it with Jingles. Lol..

  21. yeah, prefer it the other way around tho

  22. This is the quality content I subscribed to for – Flambass being left hopelessly deflated, speechless, discovering dozens of new emotions he didn’t know existed or have the words for, all while contemplating where evolution went wrong.

    10 / 10

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