I Finally Found The WORST World of Warships Player Ever.

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I Finally Found The WORST World of Warships Player Ever.

Today were going to be looking at some ranked gameplay in world of warships multiplayer that have just been released in world of warships. The actual player that I am describing might actually surprise you because I’m usually talking about other players in world of warships multiplayer but today I’m going to be talking about something else. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. My first thought was “Wow, I’m on you tube!) but I play on S.E.A.

  2. I’m afraid to watch this video … I might be in it.

  3. You have obviously not been to one of my games…

  4. 40 seconds in … oh, thank goodness, it isn’t me. Whew!

  5. Know the feeling 😢

  6. Nope.
    I had a game withe the Friedrich der Große, map is shatter
    Standing bow in against a Missouri, Jean Bart and a Alaska. All three standing side by side also bow in to me in a channel between the island
    The Lion in my team gets cap B. Good wee are head on caps and points and I can’t deal with this incoming damage forever.
    My teammates could sail around an Island and get them from behind or saild towards the enemy and get a better angle on them than I have.
    But no, the Lion decides to use all its guns and for doing it it sails across B and A in a 90° Angle in front of me and alos all three enemy ships.
    Perfekt broadside to 2 BB and a heavy cruiser that were all spottet the whole time.

  7. We all have bad days dont worry.
    Still great vid

  8. Had a ranked game, got called a noob from the start by my teammates, 2 minutes in. my internet dropped out, logged back in to see a stream of abuse, and the 2 players had been sank – I managed to win the round – why are people so horrible on this game?

  9. How could you? How could you surpassed me?
    Relax mate, we’re once potato, thou we will not always be but some time we just found our way back to… potato.

  10. It was really only the last mistake to fire the torps so early that got u…..
    U should have really just sat in the smoke and waited
    But yeah I guess every one has games like that where we dont make the best decisions
    Especially in a dd where u have to make the most life or death choices in a game

  11. Never seen me play, I take it.

  12. Wow. Its actually not me. i’m heavy impressed

  13. Randolph Phillips

    Saw the title and wondered how you got hold of a replay of my games.

  14. The robotic Cobra

    The music is too loud for me to hear you

  15. Dude, if you’re in Gneisenau and an Aoba sunk you with torps….you’re really bad.

  16. -7 karma from me 😁

    Could have yolo torped the BB at the end.

  17. Had a 3v3 match today with a division mate, ran into this Neptune that was on our team. At the start of match, he turn his whole ship around to get behind us and to the rear border (he spawned to furthest up front) and we asked what he was doing, and he didn’t answer. (I suspect he was chat banned based on all the cussing and chat violations he private messaged me after the game) But he ended up going all the way into the far right corner of the map and just sat there doing nothing. Once we were in some decent positions he decided that he wanted to start team killing from the J10 square and proceeded to smoke up to not get spotted while team killing. After the game he proceeded to claim that my buddy had thrown the game… Also cussed me out a whole lot, and we ended up giving him a 2 day ban about 5 minutes after the game.

  18. It’s highly unlikely you found the worst player… because I haven’t played a match in quite some time by now. 😉

  19. Alexander Verjans

    No sorry, the worst you’ll find in my games, I can at least point out 4 “i got no clue how this game works” players on my team, 1 afk , 1 toxic, etc

  20. World of Warships Advanced Gameplaying

    With the exception of those players that only show perfect victories… we ALL play very bad games and sometimes some games that we suppose are worthy to be uploaded in youtube. Point out on someone (anyone) naming “the worse player”… Hanging a sign over that player and say that he is the worst of all players… it doesnot seem fair. Who are we to say that? Are we so perfect in everything that have the superior right to do that? Imagine for a second that it happens to you… would you like that? Perhaps someone catches you playing really badly, and says “that is the worse player!”. Maybe your next battle is as good as it can be! but nobody is recording that so… That was unfair.
    Criticisms are appalling when we explain what happened and how we think it should have happened. Putting “worst” type labels doesnot help this game or any player.
    Anyway, interesting video.

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