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  1. The overpowered floating baguette strikes again!

  2. Best legendary tier BB hands down, this thing eats everything, and AL Dunkerque makes it kinda OP imo

  3. I almost shed a tear receiving my first Bureau ship. (Saipan CV’s 4 lyfe)

  4. Yo PG, GG the other day, you were in parsav and I was in bismarck (top of my team, we still lost). I just wanted to ask why you pushed in when your team had lost that flank

  5. “he doesn’t have torpedos” – famous last words

  6. The ending was perfect

  7. Can you do Cleveland next?

  8. This thing is so fun to play. Or maybe Yamato is so boring? Anyways, got the Bourgogne 2 months ago and it’s my favourite bb in legendary tier, don’t have AL dunk but still very good

  9. My New best legendary battleship. It’s a beast!

  10. No one can escape the destiny of the wall of skill lol

  11. That ending was the bomb!

  12. My favourite legendary tier BB at the moment simply because it has a much more unique playstle than something like yammy or conq sure it can be difficult at times but that makes doing well all the more satisfying, even though LT needs more heavy cruisers I’m still hoping for Colombo this year because it would just be fun stupid but fun.
    Also Iwami video when?

  13. Noobzerhech5lers Channel

    1:03 I Hoped for that round as a full match shown
    Maybe next Time

  14. All those Yamatos and shimas really want that Mikasa huh?

  15. Maybe it’s just me, but the AP at times feels kind of underwhelming. I mean, 15in guns at LT? It’s ok, but i built mine for pure speed. Like everything to boost the speed, and at max, I got mine up to 38.7 knots

  16. Cancer's Final Form

    My favorite BB! Who’d have thought that I’d prefer 380’s to 460’s?

  17. Hey if you can you should try out Plymouth, very meme worthy with its 16 gun broadside

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