I have to make this ship work – World of Warships

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I already got rid of Izumo, now it is time to get rid of his copy cat Bajie, tier 9 premium pan asian BB.

It is supposed to be a bit better than Izumo but it can be just as trolly.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Obligatory comment for the algo …

  2. Reasons

  3. For me, the Izumo was the absolute stinker of the Jap BB line. Kudos to WG for giving her a paint job and selling her for real money as a premium….

    • Malte Mejlstrup

      The Baije does actually have better accuracy than the izumo in exchange for a slower reload so it’s not a total carbon copy. Also I guess he really doesn’t like the crazy camo the Baije comes with since he put on some standard camo instead.

    • Malte Mejlstrup

      @pedro LFT It’s still not the exact same ship, unlike the black friday ships for example.

  4. wargaming should make it, if you get a bounce with one shell the following can’t bounce in the same location for a minute, that way you wouldn’t get this bullshit which if you fired 7 shells at one location they wouldn’t all bounce cause they’d deform the metal and later ones explode for damage perhaps even ripping the back of the ship off.

    But more rng/programming in WOWS would just screw them even more.
    I’m convinced all the good devs who made the game have now left and nobody left understands the code.

  5. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    That ship sure is ugly.

  6. Boke Flying Simulations

    B A L A N S

  7. Happy hump day

  8. Question: Can homing torpedos “leave” the battlefield by passing the border and then come back to you?

    • only if they push idk… the “F” button at the right moment, then all realism is shattered and nonsensical gameplay becomes acceptable. pay respects.

    • Yes, in theory. However you’d have to hit the second ping exactly as it has passed the border because of the turn radius of the torps.

  9. for thous wandering the Bajie is a carbon copy of the Izumo with a few exceptions thous being 2s extra reload, 2.1 Sigma insted of 2.0, and (most importantly imo) better vertical dispersion, so it does not have such a pronounced star shaped dispersion tipical to the IJN BBs

  10. How DARE you go in the out.

  11. If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t be playing WOWS. I mean, of course the game would end right after 6 ricochets, how could it be any other way?

  12. How Many times do u ride the boarder in this game? Seems like every game you play you board ride. Lol great stuff.

  13. With the sim racing transferring to real life racing stuff, you have to remember that racing sims are probably the most realistic game out there along with that the gear used has been said to be almost identical to real life in feeling, max verstappen also said that people on the sim develop the same good habits and skills that real life drivers do

    • true, many skills can be translated, but one mentioned by flambass, that is G resistance, cannot be, since there is no gaming machine that I know of that can do that extreme G forces as in racing for user safety reasons

  14. Driving a pig on ocean.

  15. Sorry Flambass, but there was zero energy from you and the battle was boring.
    Got any videos of pulling a victory from the jaws of defeat?

  16. Good Luck next time and for ever_ Fair sailing.

  17. Flambass tetap dengan tampilan kapal natural.anda top player

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