I Killed Them All! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. I’m 2 minutes late damn

  2. Congrats!!! You killed the whole team. True legend!

  3. Kudos another hold my beer moment merry Christmas happy holidays

  4. XENOmorph ALLdayEVERYday

    Spartan: you know what would be a really kick ass name for a video on Christmas? “I killed them all”. Happy birthday Jesus.

  5. They’ve gotta un-nerf the Iowa’s bow strength, I’m starting to get to nearly deadly because of it. I’m usually the only Iowa in my team and I bow tank 99.1% of the time and of course I’m the one that gets hit from half the team, taking all their shots and I loose a good chunk of health. They gotta un-nerf the update to make it feel what an American battleship should feel like. Great vid tho!!!

  6. Merry Christmas ta y’all btw!

  7. They really need to change spawn points on all maps, especially for BBs. Numerous times I was spawned in my Colorado with two friendly DDs against 3 enemy BBs and 2 of them are tier 7. DDs are invisible so the enemy ships have nothing else to shoot at, but me (and get citadeled by the Iowa through the bow with the first salvo). There’s nothing you can do. If you try to rally with your team you have to go full broadside, if you push forward you’re dead anyway.

  8. With they wouldn’t need any ships people just need to learn to play average game in bart 80 plus lovenox it.

  9. Remember me I finally unlocked the Iowa but forgot I have only 5 million coins so bad play on my part

  10. Hate that people can turn off crossplay and drag you into tiny matches like this

  11. That paddling on the Iowa made me wince ?

  12. I knew I loved my scharnhorst for a reason.

  13. I think we can all tell that the enemy Jean Bart paid the $100 for his ship…

  14. Azur lane HMS Monarch UwU

    Now THAT’S a padalin lol merry Christmas ♥️

  15. there def. needs to be a play book or something a lot of battles seem to filled with people that retreat before we’ve even spotted an enemy ship idk why but you’d think somebody would emphasize on team work

  16. Actually, turtleback armor is a “I can stay broadside on and nobody can hurt me” sort of thing

  17. How do you get the German destroyer G-101?
    I can’t find it in the game except for 200 pink tokens.

  18. Great game Spartan! I do not want to be down range from you when the Yamato shows up!

  19. Iowa needs a player buff not a ship nerf, the amount I see broadsiding the entire game is hilarious.

  20. Was this game at wee hours of the morning or late evening? I am still uncertain how some folks grind (or purchase their XP) to the Iowa and sit broadside to other tier VII’s???!??!??!!??! How?? Why!?!? Good game and season’s greetings to you!

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