I Know I Will Be Judged – World of Warships

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I know a bunch of ppl are gonna be like mehmehmehmehmemmimimimimimimimmimimim…

But at this point I really do not think there is anything you can say that is gonna make me feel bad about having some fun. Just look at the MM dude, this is saaaaad.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. so basically co-op with full rewards , nice

  2. i dont understand why youre only real dd got 0 xp, he provide intelligence for you, beacuse of him you were ahead on points. He was basically a crucial part of your team

  3. Keep doing you dude. This shit is deranged and I’m here for it

  4. That last guy is your average WoWS player right there.

  5. Nigel Billington

    One of your best games in ages))

  6. Can’t even call this “Seal Clubbing”, Its a full-on 1 man- Cylon war

  7. And this Emden captain is gonna to buy his way to tier 10 + 11, and keep doing it’s “fine” “work” there.
    Keep up the good work Flambass

  8. tiers 1-4 are farming like this. then you hit tier 5 and get farmed because you only know how to play against suiciding bots. very enjoyable new player experience.

    • Not much they can do to get people to play bottom tiers.

      I have so many flags and so much free exp when ever I do a line reset for research points it’s basically one higher tier game to get enough free exp straight to a tier 4 ship.

    • The jump from 1-4 into 5 was always pretty tough. It’s worse now, no question, but four and five years ago when I started up the lines it was a real eye opener as well.

  9. Basically, a match with 24 tier 2s does not have as much DPM for all ships combined as one Schlieffen has on one side of the ship.

  10. Nikos Manoliadis

    This is disgusting. I love it!!

  11. Phil Sulzberger

    funniest commentary for a long time.

  12. Got into a battle like this with me and bots on one team and one other player on the other. We agreed to kill the bots then meet in the middle. My random battle kill record is now nine. (7 against players though)

    • Always cool when others are willing to play along. I’m picturing the game ending in a ram. 🤣

    • I had a similar experience the other day! Me and the only other real player had a hell of a battle at the end and he sends in chat “I will accept a ram…..”
      I only had a few k hp left, he probably could have killed me before I got him, but instead we both held fire and closed for the mutual assured destruction. Very cool experience in a game that has lacked them for a few years.

  13. This guy has decided to dream the impossible dream and seek the elusive next level of tryharding. 😁

  14. My standard chat message in games like this: “May the team with the best bots win.”

  15. Tier 2 players seem to be about as strategically aware as tier 10 players.

  16. 9:29 And here comes the funny part. The mystery of Emden. I just love his comments.

  17. Be judged, but also it’s nice to see you actually have fun in WoWs. Been a while.

  18. It’s honestly sad, but expected. What is unexpected, atleast for myself, to see even tier 5 filled with bots. It used to be my n.1 tier to go back to, when I had enough of the bullshit at top tier.

  19. That Emden player is the epitome of the WOWs player base. As soon as you get shot at, turn and run.

  20. Tobias Reinhold

    At this point I’m just glad that there’s still at least 1 actual player per team. Wouldn’t put it past Wargaming to have bot-only matches that eventually end up overwhelming the servers and causing lag spikes in other matches.

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