I like Jean Bart v2 – all Stats || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. very nice T9 Premium BB. I think you will like it =)

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Still waiting for Eitel tho Which were the changes? Less reload and some tweaks on the MBRB right?

  3. We still don’t know when she’ll be released right? D:

  4. 12:30…. that broadside ?

  5. Awesome video GG thanks for the share

  6. Was that a german captain on the Jean Bart?

  7. It will be difficult to choose one between Jean Bart, Alaska and Kronstadt (already have Musashi & Salem)… :/

  8. I really do hope that this ship will be a free xp one

  9. Cannot wait to have a dual with Jean Bart with my Big Mamie. Good old days.

  10. and the broadside just before it at 12:14 would have been enough for me at 10,800hp to turn away. Total 43,000hp lost in 20 seconds. The Jean Bart seems lackluster at best and with the USN Missouri in port see no reason to part with more money.

  11. Star Gaming -chaîne officiel

    Just, he knows how to play this type of ship? Because to be of custard tart all the beginning long of game may be against a G.K there (which if you had been of face he shall not have put in you the citadel and not kept silent shall have been able to survive). ?

  12. How to do you have that clean crosshair when u aim , I’ve been searching for it for a while but dunno how to set it , any help?

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