I Like World of Warships; Sometimes I Don’t Enjoy Playing It.

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. For real, I decided to try War Thunder naval and the first time I saw my DD’s AA absolutely dumpststering a plane I almost cried tears of joy. It has its own problems, but I find coastal and destroyers quite fun.

    • @B. Senta I mean, if planes at Tier 1 can do that, I haven’t seen it yet…

    • I want to reinforce all the comments above..Cv in the past even though very powerfull but its more about air supremacy not just to score damage..good old cv player can protect the fleet, spot and controlling some area, and off course attacking enemy with their multi attack( torpedo from both side and dropping bomb from above almost at the same time, scary as fuck)

    • @Coyote27981 I KNOW RIGHT! Dont get me wrong the Manually dropped torpedos where FUCKING BUSTED, but it was at least FAIR for the most part till they started fucking with loadouts!

    • @kleif man. I remember that
      If that cv burning. They cant land or launch airplane. Back then rts era was fun

    • I’m also play warthunder naval, if you actually aply many principles in wow in warthunder .. OMG you slay! Most just spawn stay zoomed and never touch anything else

  2. I was SO stoked to finally grind out enough RB points to buy Ohio. When I finally got the ship I hopped into game and was having a good time. until, that is, I got pinged by a sub. “Oh, he’s pretty close to me, I’ll throw out my asw” I said… SIX KILOMETERS. the range on the second most expensive tier 10 research bureau ship IN THE GAME Is six fucking kilometers. Needless to say the sub violently had its way with me and there was LITERALLY nothing I could do about it. Talk about a frustrating experience, especially after months of grinding to get the ship, only to be the most useless piece of junk against that class.

    make it make sense.

    • @Fan Boy Nah.
      It’s one thing to say “the Ohio is strong, so let’s give her below-average ASW”, but 6 km when the other T10 BBs get 10-11 is just terrible. It’s not decremental: it’s like not having them at all, most of the times.

    • Ohio is still great in Ranked/ CBs. But subs make BBs that want to push awful to play

    • @Josiah Moore Definitely. I don’t know what baboon came up with the idea that a heavy cruiser with poor detection, poor AA, overmatchable armour and average DPM should have hull-mounted ASW instead of an airdrop. If anything, all non-smoke cruisers should have airborne ASW IMO [or some form of unique armament; maybe a kind of main battery shell that behaves like a smaller depth charge, landing into the water and then releasing a concussive blast that damages them]. Because otherwise it’s way too easy for the sub to just stay a few km away from its teammates and just ping and torp you with impunity with the knowledge that any attempt at retaliation is a death sentence.

    • But if you play a CV and a sub pings you it gets auto deleted. Truly a first among equals. They have literally broke their game between useless AA and subs that can outrun and out shoot anything on the water.

    • @Josiah Moore They won’t listen. I tried. I’m a retired TM1/ss boat sailor. I shared with them how to improve play across the board months before this final sub update they released. These wiki dependent devs have no clue just what they read from toilet paper and wiki. Another retired ASW surface sailor friend of mine did the same. Ignored. Until the player base (majority of it) votes with their wallets, these devs will never listen. This is the legacy.

  3. I’d like to see stronger fire immunity on any section of a BB that has a fire put out via repair party or time duration. I’d like to see subs with 2-4 homing torps MAX on a 60s CD with another 4-6 normal torps that can be launched from operational depth, and pings should reveal exact location for 5ish seconds. I’d like to see AA ratings of 85+ annihilate most/all of an attack squadron. I’d also like to win the lottery and move to New Zealand.

  4. I think the worst part of it is that this was a tier 6 submarine. If the CV had been tier 6 it would clearly not have done as much, although it still puts some pressure. +2tier AA does work a bit, while you can just be completely helpless agaist a -2 tier sub…

  5. Fully with you PQ. I am trying to grind to Vermont and am on Kansas at present, but my patience really is running out. Impossible to dodge anything in that thing cause it’s a brick. One game that really stands out where I received no damage from surface ships at all, just got smashed by CV and a sub. Nothing I could do about it. Hardly got to shoot at anything, did not see the sub and if I had one quarter of the damage control cool down then it would still not have been enough. I am praying for a classic mode with no CVs and Subs, but we all know that is not going to happen. I am finding that I am playing less and less and that my win rate is getting worse and worse. Looking to upgrade my PC for Christmas so will likely stop playing in the New Year. You absolutely hit the nail on the head that people play games like WOWS for fun. Its a shame WG don’t realise that they are spoiling what was a great game for everybody.

    • I know your pain, luckily for me I grinded through that line some months ago, when it was not so bad to play… Today T8 and T9 is just in the game to be cannon fodder for T11… I mean, even the best T9 BBs cannot stand up against a T11 Cruiser on its own…. 🙁 Sad times in WoWS if you have to grind out anything up till T10…

    • @Charles Philastre Same.

    • “am on Kansas at present” Well, there’s your problem. I think Kansas is the 2nd worst battleship in the game.
      Also, why do people keep calling a mode without CVs & subs “classic”? If WW1 was some sort of classic for warships, you’d think more people would play low tiers.

    • @Angel Apolinar I think classic is used because wows started as just an artillery game with no CV or subs. Referring back to actual historic events like WW1 is meaningless. WG only refer to real historic stuff when it suits them. Subs are an example as they were never speed boats like they are in the game. I agree Kansas is a terrible ship. I have now got passed it, cannot move on though due to lack of credits. Apparently WG has also nerfed credit income with the introduction of game pass to pile on the frustration even more. I think they are hoping people will pay for credits whereas I think it’s just as likely that they will just play something else.

    • @Lee Sargent “because wows started as just an artillery game with no CV or subs.” CVs were always in the game tho. America had a CV line before they had a battleship line.

  6. Yes sub is more annoying than CV because CV can, in his own infinite wisdom, just let you go, he has freedom to fly around and choose target. So if you’re resilient enough, he might try some easier farm.
    The sub commits to you positionally.

    • Personally I hate CVs far more than subs, but good point. I am just lucky I always get the CV player who doesn’t want to disengage. They just keep coming and keep coming. And then I shutdown.

    • Forge 16 Hanada Maintenance Drone

      @John Smith There’s also that at least ecconomically the interaction with CV is fair and balanced. When I’m in a good aa ship and the CV comes at me non-stop, I’d be happy to dodge and even eat a few shots. Players this dumb usually don’t do more than superficial damge anyway, and I get tons of credits + xp from their planes. But subs are built different. If they ping you you have to dodge, any damage they do is unhealable, you can’t risk them being dumb. To make it worse, the pings contributes absolutely 0 ecconomic bonuses, not even potential damage. It’s just such a horrible experience.

  7. I think CVs can be fixed easily with a few adjustments, like giving them more planes in reserve but making said planes much much weaker so things like DM and American BBS are back to being no fly zones and DDs can also shoot down a lot of planes, giving CV spotting the radar spotting delay, and slightly reducing damage from each strike for some CVs and seriously reducing damage per strike for others like soviet bias machines.
    (More planes in reserve will be needed if you make planes weaker so even DD AA can shoot squadrons down, need to keep the game fun for CV players as well not dumpster them). Idk how to fix subs as their playstyle (to me at least) feels like it’s the most selfish one of them all, they usually only really go after the big slow BBs and are a general annoyance.

  8. I’m with you PQ. Oddly enough subs haven’t impacted my higher tier games much, but CV’s are way over the top at tier 8-10+. Those plus super ships makes me want to play lower tiers, but at lower tiers there are FAR more subs. Neither class is going anywhere, but the problem I have is there’s just no counterplay a lot of the time. Many ships with airstrike ASW have pitiful range (Jean Bart and some others have around 5km, like what??) or god forbid ship based ASW like Hindenburg. CV’s can stay hidden anywhere on the map and still kill you and there’s nothing you can do about it. I had a game in my West Virginia the other day with 2 subs and 2 CV’s, and ALL of them ended up focusing me by the end of the game. Needless to say I was more than a little tilted.

    • that’s why I play ranked only. No subs and no super shits most of the seasons. Ppl play more as a team. Random BS battles are just waste of time

    • 名誉Emp the Sane Maniac名誉

      @Terradyn86 It used to be like that, but I swear ranked players are worse then those you get in randoms. Also the fact that T5 is such a PTW pain, lets me keep my distant from that mode for a while.

    • 名誉Emp the Sane Maniac名誉

      @Terradyn86 You can’t play against Superships in a T8 (asides from fail Divs, but then that’s on you).
      About Random Battles:
      MM isn’t such a problem if you just look at the ships each team gets. Sure there might be an odd matchup once in a while, but that’s more rare.
      The problem I am talking about is the skill-level of each player per Team.
      I had matched in which me and my two buddies were the only ones above 50% in terms of winrate. Needless to say that we were the only ones achieving something while getting stomped in 7 min.
      Now combine that with the +2 -2 matchmaker and the Chaos is perfect.

      About Ranked:
      Basicall everything I stated above also applies to ranked. The only difference is that it’s worse.
      Smaller Teams means more impact per Player. This means that even 1 or 2 idiots in a 6 vs 6 can decide the entire match form almost start to finish.
      Now add Tier 5-7 and all hell breaks lose:
      – shit players who didnt even got to T 10 once join because they thing they are good (they are not)
      – cruisers got basically no Tools to impact the game ( lower dpm, no Radar, no heals, short range hydro and no armor)
      – BBs overmatch each other, so a bad player gets killed quite fast
      – DDs have way to high of an impact and decide the entire game even more then in high Tier
      – noone got AA, so the CV is basically a god
      – T5-7 is filled with premiums that are WAY better then their techtree counterparts which leads to pay to win
      (Most are even removed from the shop at this point)

      Do I need to elaborate further?

  9. WOWS is the only game I play and I used to average 8-10 matches a day. Now it’s 2-3 except during a clan season. A match like this would be a “one and done” scenario. I genuinely like this game and the horizontal tracking and spatial memory elements constitute a form of therapy for a brain injury I am managing. I feel the developers have long been to the point of making changes just for the sake of change. I believe they are thinking about keeping the game “fresh” and are blind to how this is degrading the playing experience. I also have a suspicion that in their culture “annoying” and “frustrating” are somehow synonymous with “challenging”. I do not play CV’s, Subs, or obviously broken ships because they hurt the game imho, and I am not a narcissist or a functioning sociopath (ie: asshole). I would, however, play both CV’s and Subs if they where spun off into their own standalone games.

    • Hahah..yeah I am exactly the same! I have almost every ship but dont pay the overpowered ones bc of your said reason. Used to play every day quite a few games and now I barely can stomach 3 games in a row. I don’t touch the dumb subs or Cvs bc for the same reason. They are destroying the game but there are always some lazy aholes who just don’t care. The only way to stop subs and Cvs is by not playing them, period! Plus the quality of players degraded so insanely in the last year that it is so frustrating when you realize that half your team are inexperienced newbies who have no idea what they are doing bc they got a tier 9 or 10 ship after 400 games played.

  10. When I’m tired of randoms or ranked I play operations.. Farm a lot of credits and it is relaxing an fun now that you can use from T6 to T8 and they are different

  11. I really feel sorry for the players who go into battle with a tier 8 and find themselves in with 9 10 and superships. I have seen this more than a few times.

  12. 6:43 YES. This has been my gripe for so long! Insane reload times aside, at least being able to strike back at the sub at the same range rather than not even getting close would do wonders for removing the frustration of a sub slinging endless torps with impunity.

  13. you have very good ASW skills (dodging and drops) but quite often I can’t even see the location marker of the sub after ping when I am busy with all other things!

  14. Yup. Have disliked subs since they were introduced thru all the changes. While better than the initial class design, a ton of what you said is still often true.
    Ima 60%er who’s played since launch and I do dislike them faaaaar more than CVs! What seems different is I’ve only really hated them(CVs) in specific situations. I’ve never had the same degree of hatred for CVs as many others. Perhaps the years of playing against them has allowed a level of counterplay that I’m mostly comfortable with.
    Example: I often hear ppl say things like “no matter how good your AA is, they’ll always get A strike thru…”
    But youre still often preventing 2nd and 3rd strikes. is there a direct counter to another ship pulling the trigger at you and COMPLETELY missing? How bout a way to knock shells out of the sky before they impact you?…
    My biggest issue has always been the spotting element. Moderate that a bit, and this player would have almost no issues with CVs.
    All that said, the fact I hate subs the way I do and not CVs, says something. No other feature/mechanic introduced in this game from removing stealth firing, or introing radar, to the old and new CVs, NOTHING has frustrated me more and made the gameplay experience less fun than subs imo.
    o7 all

  15. I feel your pain PQ, we are fish in a barrel. See this way too often. Great channel, love these videos.

  16. I greatly appreciate your sharing videos such as this. It shows me that even the experts get frustrated with the same things that drive me crazy. Thank you for your honesty.

  17. 100% agreed PQ. One of the things I am now really struggling with is when both a carrier and sub focus you. It is not fun at all because it basically completely removes you from the game. May as well just go back to port and load into a different game. As an alternative to the survey they could offer a version of random with no subs (and even better no cvs). Even though i am dead certain this would provide excellent data on how the “silent majority” really feel for the same reasons you allude to we know they will never do that

  18. Love how you’re getting pushed hard into your spawn, and your CV, who is in the line of that push, is busy flying across the map to strike people in the enemy spawn for half of the game instead of helping you and protecting himself.

    • @CruisingForMermaids /i enjoy CV and Sub more than normal ships, but i play them all.

    • as much as i dont want to defend mindless CV players im pretty sure they cant do anything to subs, and its the subs presence and constant torps thats forcing PQ back in this situation, but i guess he could drop fighters near/on PQ to help deter enemy CV?

    • @Ryan M He was fighting 2 BBs and a cruiser as well… Him having to dodge torps from the sub means he needs to show bad angles to those surface ships, if those ships were being forced to show bad angles themselves to avoid drops from the CV it would level the playing field… and if those ships were dead, well, he’d be free to dodge torps without worry.

      And the CV may not be able to drop on the sub while it’s submerged, but he can spot the sub and force it to go under, reducing it’s vision to the point where it may not even be able to see anyone to attack.

    • @CruisingForMermaids that’s a bullshit and you know it… check few of my vids how do I play gunships… playing CV is not just flying around and hitting easy targets, it’s about to be support to anywhere on the map. Problem is when someone with 5k hp left asking for support while there are torps heading his way and are 3kms away from him… Ask for help not 10seconds before your death, but like 2 minutes… CVs have to spot, push campers out of hiding spots, etc… you hate CV players, because 80% of them sucks and play solo… but also 80% of DDs doing the same. Find a good DD player nowadays is rare…the same for CVs

    • @Ryan M actually you can do. You can keep SUB spotted, makes him go underwater and deplete his battery. Ask a rapid fire CA for help if it’s in the area… but mostly in random BS battles there is always at least one

  19. Horrified Bystander

    This vid sums up the feelings a lot of us have about wows. There’s a good game underneath the sub and cv rubbish but its become harder and harder to see it.

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