I LOVE World of Warships (and you should too)

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We’re back again, and this time with something new! I teamed up with Terrible to help edit and add some World of Tanks into the mix!

We both hope you enjoyed this one. It’s a bit of a different style, leaning more towards a funny compilation instead of showcasing a single ship. Let us know your thoughts on this format. Unlike a certain game developer, we take feedback on content changes seriously and greatly appreciate your thoughts on adding some World of Tanks to the channel.

While I have switched to streaming and recording in 16:9, I have terabytes of 21:9 gameplay just waiting to be edited into content for you! This “compilation” was a solution to try and use up some of these games. However, this footage is already aging (as seen with the legacy Kraken medal featured in some of these games). As with Twitch, I will be making the switch to 16:9 on YouTube too. But, based on feedback, we may still aim to release one or two further ultra-wide videos before letting go of the remaining ultra-wide footage (if that is something you show interest in).

As with my previous videos, this channel has always had the aim of showcasing my, and now also Terrible’s, journey into learning Adobe Premier.

As a personal thanks, we are so grateful for all your support! Our motivation comes directly from you who makes it possible to share the games we love. So, if you want to say “hi”, stop by our Twitch channels where these kinds of games are played LIVE every week!

~ John The Ruthless & The Terrible

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00:00 – Intro
00:47 – The Rice Fields
01:25 – ColBURRRRRR
04:43 – YoDon’t
08:45 – Zorkiy Comrade
12:12 – Credits

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  1. Great video my guy, If only i could have a fraction of your skill lol

  2. god DAMN, what a masterpiece. Can’t wait for the next vid in another 8 months!

  3. For the music connoisseurs of the comments section, here are the main songs and their respective YouTube Links, enjoy!

    Time Stamp: 00:57 – 01:25
    Säkkijärven Polkka
    Girls Und Panzer
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCm2PtSgzkA&ab_channel=ShionOfRed

    Time Stamp: 02:07 – 04:39
    Murder on My Mind
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-sQRS-Lc9k&ab_channel=KORDHELL

    Time Stamp: 05:06 – 08:44
    Idol [アイドル]
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRtdQ81jPUQ&ab_channel=Ayase%2FYOASOBI

    Time Stamp: 08:46 – 10:50
    Girls Und Panzer, CLAWZ Bootleg
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UDm6rXX_eo

    Time Stamp: 10:55 – 12:39
    The Living Tombstone, Eurobeat Brony
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB6Mw7J7qZA

  4. Great work on video, mad skills you have there

  5. John is the best one out there.
    Cheers buddy


  7. Awesome video john, the mad max scene with the full speed ahead into enemy team was sooo good 😀

  8. Your work is a state of art! Keep it up.

  9. 8:04 mark, shima gets down to 1 hp from Zao’s rear turret salvo. ya love to see it.

  10. that was by far the absolute best WOWs video (sorry yuro) ive seen in a long while. Totally worth the wait.

  11. If there’s a Colbert on your team who will fearlessly push Yamato, Skishima and Montana, it’s John. If the battleships still haven’t started to escape, it’s too late.

  12. awesome job man, keep it up!

  13. Impressive perfomance! Im also reload mod Colbert enjoyer, although im not insane enough to get away with no conceal on him
    One of the funniest ship in WOWS for sure… still not understanding how it can perform well despite having DD range and being floating citadel, but every game… damage is flowing

  14. always good to have another person with this style of editing on youtube

  15. i just watched some of your other vids yesterday again. and now you came along with this amazing stuff. 10/10

  16. Truly a piece of art.

  17. Incredible work, as always

  18. Мaнол Aтaнaсов

    Absolutely lovely! Was worth the wait imo

  19. I am a new viewer to you Johnathon but it feels like I have known you for years and I just wanted to say I appreciate you, your angry brother and your content.

    I hope we can be friends in the future I think we could be best friends forever <3

  20. Incredible video, and very well played. It´s always amazing what you can do :3

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