I Must Win My Side or We Lose! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. That myoko has had it (maybe a broken controller at the other end)

  2. You know what I love when you shoot someone it does nothing they shoot you 20k damage in the same ship

  3. Spartan, if you only did battleships, I would love it. Especially the Iowa

  4. It doesn’t matter what you play, I’m here cuz you’re a fun light hearted watch.

  5. Spartan!!!! You saved me, was here studying and needed a break and here you are. IDGAF if you’re in the iowa again.

  6. Gotta love the feeling of being in a 900ft long Battleship.

  7. Last night was the worst night for me since the game came out. Soooo many bad teams, soooo many players with an IQ of their foot size or totally brain dead. I was playing with my friend and we needed 7 games in our T6 ships to win a single match. Then we switched to T5, same situation. We had a game where I was in my Warspite and he was running his Normandie, we both had over 160k damage and we lost a match. Over 320k damage combined, that’s more health than 6 BBs in T5, how in the world would anyone could lose such a match?!!! I have a feeling that someone installed this game in majority of mental institutions around the World, I swear to God.

  8. Iowa is op. Fun and easy to use. I’ve seen your DD play, how about your cruisers? You can obviously delete them (myoko), but how about using them? Good game and vid.

  9. If only the secondaries were useful in this game instead of hitting everything but the target…but nonetheless. I love me some Iowa. I would love to own her sister ships and I’m praying they decide to add more tiers because that Montana is goals.

  10. Geez!
    That Scharnhorst was a persistent son of a gun
    He was on your tail the entire time

  11. She won’t dissappoint you i can assure you that
    But she’s not very maneuverable, that’ll take some getting used to if you’ve sailed the Colorado for a long ass time

  12. This made me feels kinda regret starting the game with Japan nation

  13. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    As a USS Iowa veteran, I 100% approve of your Iowa videos.

  14. Ꮢ ꂅ ᕱ Ꮅ ꂅ Ꮢ

    Tbh it don boda me watchin him play with da Iowa al da time infact I only watch him play with Iowa bc iowa is badaz

  15. Gonna be interesting

  16. Just gotta do everything you can to win

  17. She’s a beast

  18. Yeah I was hoping Iowa was there

  19. Can’t tell you how many times that happens to me with no support all allies going to one cap. Left out there by myself, So important to hold your flanks.
    GG Spartan

  20. Spartan Elite43 I capped 2 bases, and dropped the 2 destroyers trying to take it. All my team had to do was hold the caps, but nope. They thought death, and a loss would be more fun lol.

  21. I think that you will enjoy the Yamato when it comes…..

  22. Torps are super short range so use islands to approach to torp.

    The guns are fantastic and will wreck any destroyer you run into with HE.

    If you get lucky enough to be close to a broadside cruiser switch to AP and citadel them to death before they can kill you with HE.

    American DDs are a guns first platform.

    Another tip is to try to get BBs to sail toward you as that is the only way to torp while stealth.

    If they are sailing away set fires with HE towards max gun range to give you time to dodge incoming rounds.

    Dont dodge until they fire hard turns slow you down making you an easier target

  23. Same. 4 torp kills from 9 hits with most of my team still alive and the team loses. Wakeful was the ship, love that single fire ability.

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