I Played the Best WW2 Battleship Game… (World of Warships)

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During registration use the code WINTERBLAST2021 to get for free:
-200 doubloons
-1 million credits
-20 Christmas Camouflages
-14 days of Premium Account time
-2 Premium Ships – USS Oklahoma and HMS Dreadnought
The promo code is only for new players during the registration.

KoreanBall – https://www.makeship.com/products/north-korea-ball-gitd-plush
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  1. I like when youtubers play or use thier sponsers instead of just doing whats in the contract

  2. Hellp me rech 27k subs witout any Videoos

    Fun fact: these videos makes our days better

  3. This is actually a pretty great promotion. i actually kinda wanna play this game.

  4. Warships, were Drew can live out his dream and be surrounded by seamen (sorry drew, I had to say it)

  5. drew, i think you’d like to know that you are actually making a difference in my life with making these videos

  6. Watching Drew having real fun while playing WoWs made my day.

    BTW Drew you can have anime waifus as captains using Mod Station, it’s a mod it gets the job done 😉

    Also imagine having Drew playing on your div, that would be a blast <3

  7. 3:44
    Unfortunately the most we can afford is to have the aircraft carrier itself be an anime waifu

  8. I liked the video. A warning to people who are interested in this game: a tier 9 premium ship costs over $200. There are loot boxes and loot boxes and lot boxes. If you get above tier 8(which takes about 2 weeks of grinding) you WILL encounter toxic players. Maybe not league level toxic, but toxic. It is a fun game, but it has problems(like most online multiplayer games). Use the code he gives you. The stuff you get is SO good(if you want to play).

    • lmao, no need to warn, just tell them to not buy tier 9, let them learned the game first from tier 1-6 jeez

    • That’s why you use tech tree ships because that are free

    • The real Speedwagon

      Problem is the newly added submarines are incredibly overpowered. I really hope the company can listen to the players and either remove them or nerf them significantly because I’m seeing a lot of players deciding to up and leave the game.

    • @The real Speedwagon 1 in 100 games a sub is a big problem, they are not so bad.

    • The real Speedwagon

      @Chris Page they are incredibly overpowered. And everyone makes a big deal out of them when they see one. So much so they’d chase after it and this is allowing less experienced players to gain the upper hand. Also homing torpedoes are nearly impossible to dodge and they can swerve and it contributes to the sci-fi fantasy fiction the game is slowly evolving into

  9. Play World of Warships here: https://wo.ws/338BKWN and use the code WINTERBLAST2021 for some extra freebies

  10. filipST-minecraft,roblox i još mnogo igara

    Fun fact:the dutch crusier from the start of the video actually managed to escape captivity from the japanese by concealing as an island

  11. Drew is trying to say the whole thing without pronouncing anything wrong😂

  12. Drew, I was an hour away from completing my installation of WOW when this video poped up. now Imma treat it as a tut-great vids btw.

  13. Gustavo Bueno Vittorino

    My favorite game ever, I’ve playing since 2017. When you nailed all the game mechanics this game could be so much fun, especially with higher tier boats.

  14. is it just me or does Drews moustache make me want him to rule the soviet union

  15. Keep up the good work I love when you upload

  16. The Ocean are so afraid of the Dutch that they don’t even have to make their boats float because the ocean itself is carrying the ship

  17. Yes. When I played this game, I watched the ship and admired the developers who made the ship.

  18. Keep up the good work! These gaming videos are amazing.

  19. Finally I’ve been waiting for this for so long this game is amazing I have it to which is so good

  20. You want to send out the attack planes first because they are fastest and you can spot the entire enemy team, then you send out the torpede and dive bombers
    Edit: if you hold “w” with the planes, you get a speed boost for a short time. also, hit “m” and click a point on the map, the ship will auto pilot to that point.

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