I Played World of Warships for 10 Hours Straight

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  1. Yarrgh, mateys!

  2. When you said you had a bucket I thought you were Eric Cartman

  3. But

    Have you played World of Warships

  4. “Now we all have dysentery” -WarOwl 2019

  5. Now you are a war veteran but most importantly, a war owl.

  6. Csgo: *has operation*
    Warowl: let’s play world of warships

  7. All jokes aside, a sponsored video got me into this game. Over three years later and ove 12 thousand battles later I am in the top competitive clan in NA and have invested far too much time and money… but hey, take it for what it is

  8. Everyone: Playing the new operation for 10 hours straight
    Warowl: playing World of Warships for 10 hours straight

    • i finished those missions in like 1 hour and i’ve been waiting for a week now .. still 2 days 22 hours left 🙂 shity operation

  9. 7:12 those are the pro setting and equipment for this game?

  10. 7:10 Anybody else trying to figure out if he has pants on?

  11. Hey WarOwl! Love it when you do this kind of sponsored video, gives everybody exposure to all kinds of games. As a WorldOfWarships player myself (my hours in that game just surpassed my CS: GO hours last week, oh no), I find it real insteresting to watch newer players come to the game
    Edit: Pointing out some mistakes- When fighting an enemy cruiser that is turned side-on to you (called broadsiding), aim at the waterline with armor piercing. You will citadel (ship equivalent of a headshot) them and do massive damage. Against a battleship, aim at the superstructure with HE and if they turn broadside, you can actually do more damage in most cruisers (not at long range though) if you use armor-piercing on the upper belt armor (just below the superstructure). With a destroyer just smack them with high explosive because they have no armor, but aim closer to the center of mass rather than superstructure to get more hits on the small target

  12. Heh, he actually did it.
    He made the pirate costume a reality

  13. Wolly Jolly Wanker also Banker

    this is a werid cs go video

  14. “This video is sponsored by World of Warships.”

    I am very shocked.

  15. Warowl is the only person on youtube I don’t mind watching sponsored videos by.

  16. The PC Security Channel [TPSC]

    Warowl: Plays the game for 10 hours. Doesn’t manage to make the video 10 minutes. xD

  17. “…haven’t played this game in over a year”
    You really don’t want to be sponsored by these guys anymore, do you? 😀

  18. “I already know how to play”
    *Shoots HE at close range at a cruiser*
    *Sails sideways on to a battleship*

  19. World of Warships: Play our game please.
    WarOwl: No.
    World of Warships: Play our games please… for money!

    WarOwl: Okay I’ll play for 10 hours.

  20. “It’s a bucket”

    The soldier: dear God

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