I shouldn’t be alive – World of Warships edition

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You remember those “I shouldn’t be alive” series/episodes you could watch on TV long time ago?

Yeah, well here’s a World of Warships edition of that xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. entertaining as always show em how it’s done

  2. woot here Early xD time for some content!

  3. His face at the beginning represents the experience of playing this game recently.

  4. 12:25 That’s a paddlin’ !

  5. you have used all your luck in this game 😀

  6. Im still confuses how he’s still floating :O

  7. Damn his voice sounds like a really frustated person. Hope you okay flambass

  8. “I shouldn’t be alive”
    Yea, I tell myself that everyday too

  9. This is how Flambass tired with a game looks. Until he pulled another successful, sphincter-puckering charge again that gutsy Roon. Then and only then we could see that old enthusiasm 🙂

  10. I tried one final time and played my Massachusetts for a few battles…and got raped by NorthCars, Richies and other higher tier BBs from all sorts of funny ranges from 18 to 25 kms…thanks to the Dead Eye skill….so, thanks, but this game is done. D O N E

    The commander skill fuckup was the last straw…fuck my remaining premium time and gold….this shit aint worth anymore…

  11. That lutjens heal was a life saver 😀

  12. Mark Russel Agnote

    Let me guess why that Gneisenau capt shot you, you are probably messing with his deadeye since you’re keeping that Fletcher spotted.

  13. Team dmg has become real popular this last week. 2 days ago I had a friendly carrier strike me 4 times on purpose. Then yesterday a halland torpedoed my friend at the start of our game. Idk wtf is going on but wg needs to fix it

  14. I think flambass had that filter in setting activatedclike I do. The one where you go to where 7 team mates are and as you arrive they all sail SPECIFICALLY away from you and in 90 seconds you realize you entirely alone on 1 side.

  15. “Bloody heal”? Well Flambass, get off your keiseter and use HE sometimes!!!

  16. How many remember when there was half as many maps as the current selection?

  17. Imagine if agir had radar

  18. He shot you cuz you were spotting the Fletcher which denied him his Deadeye bonus

  19. Flambass: Roon is not a carry ship
    Flamu: Are you sure about that

  20. I’ve also had a teammate shoot me. Based on his rant at everyone being “cowards”, I chalked it up to him being drunk. I was actually pushing while he was sniping.

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