I Still Love World of Warships

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In spite of everything, I still love World of Warships. That doesn’t mean everything is perfect with it. But it never has been perfect.
Also, some great situational awareness gameplay in the Kitikaze by McBurl.


  1. PVP is dead to me , every battle both teams go afk at the back until one team gets bored and tries to attack they get focus fired in turn . and thats it, the guy who is most resistant to boredom wins, f that

  2. LOL… Zoup spent some time in the WG Russian Re Education camp. Now he is on the streets of Moscow with a sign that says ” The Peoples Army Loves You!”

  3. wtf he stops shooting a 1 shot DD????
    man that DD play was bad. he wasnt very aware of anything

  4. I think carriers are fine, overall (rockets need to be tuned down though). However, the counterplay to carriers, which is AA, is not fine. Of course, there are a few ships who can still shoot down squadrons of planes with no issue, but for the rest of the ships, they wont shoot down any. As for dds, the initial reaction is to burn a smoke screen to avoid an attack run. There isnt much counterplay to this class of ships. this lack of counterplay is the reason why carriers get so much hate

    • Exactly. DD smokes. That tells enemy team where DD is, they all send torps at the smoke, so really the DD can only be in the smoke for a few seconds, not long enough to avoid the CV. So DD probably dies. If he lives, he has to somehow run off into a corner and hide for the return flight of the CV. The CV->DD encounter is total BS. If they fixed that, maybe people wouldn’t hate so much. I suggest making it so that CVs cannot spot DDs, cannot relay DD position to team, and cannot hit DDs with rockets. I played a game yesterday where an expert CV pilot hit me with 5 torps and I was in a DD, that’s skill. Rocket plane hits on DD is not skill.

  5. How about the salty BB………”Hey Minsk, what are you shooting him with”………..BB(dead I might add) “he’s shooting him with stupid” I laughed pretty good at that.

  6. So can you fight a bit for Operations players, I/we would like some new Operations and continued work on Operations. For Gods sake ask them if they can do something with Operation Defeat of Naval Station Newport. Personally I think that they could just make it a tier 7 Operation. If your looking for content spend today and tomorrow playing Newport (do a little Operations content) and see what I am talking about. The Newport scenario is nigh unwinnable with a random team and teams never choose to play it unless someone needs the star rewards. We would at least like a straight forward answer as to why WG has pretty much abandoned Operations. WG says that the population/interest just isn’t there. I really don’t believe that it is just I and a few other people that like them.

  7. Been hooked on this game since release.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      wot closed beta and this is my retirement for gaming ! if you think of leaving, put headphones on and crank up those bb 16 inch guns OHYA baby SEeeYaa later(sailing channel intro) canaDa

  8. “new players enjoying cvs” ye i love facing t4 carriers in my charleston and getting stomped i love em to bits…. ye no

  9. Now that Zoup is a father he’s older and wiser. The rage of his younger self has mellowed. Hopefully this doesn’t neuter his content’s appeal.

    • honestly?
      i think hes just back peddling because hes scared that WG might lash out at him as they have been at other CCs that have spoken out against WGs current course…and then they got penalized by WG.
      as much as i like Zoups content, its not the first time that he names the devil by its name ..and then being apologetic for it in the next video again.
      i pointed it out last time and tis’ getting old..

  10. Changing CV spotting to minimap-only would not affect CV gameplay in any way, yet WG refuse to even test it for a patch or two. CV spotting is pure cancer to the game and they won’t even consider trying to mitigate it.

    • Radar spotting should be the same way. Playing DD right now is 90% luck, even if you are the best DD player in the game.

  11. new players like cvs because they are easy. it takes time to learn how to play the other 3 classes … but in cvs you get your hand held all the way to TX. sod all fires, consumables triggered for you, AA nerfed, mistakes dont punish you the same way the other classes get punished.

  12. Looks like Zoup got a call from St Petersburg…..they forced him to play Woes Legends for a week. It’s almost like going to gulag.

  13. Enjoy your content Zoup, but I’m not sure on saying this gentleman had good situational awareness. Shown best at very end: why the heck didn’t he have his guns where that DD would come out?? He was just walking down the road enjoying the view… He’s lucky he wasn’t swatted before he fired. Trusting in RNG is not the best strategy. Should have had his guns trained on the most likely place for enemy to appear.

  14. I think we need to be honest, what is wrong with honesty? Everyone knows that wargaming currently wants CVs to be absoultely and utterly over powered. And because of the way that radar is so badly broken and new anti-DD ships are coming out each patch, they obviously want DDs to be rediculously nerfed. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here, because either they are so dumb that they do not realize the DD situation, or the current state is planned. I’d say they planned it. However, they are wrong. It is dumb to have a class in any war game that cannot be hit, hurt or killed early game that can instantly kill any of another specific class within the first minute of the game, and that class has really no counter at all. I understand that games should be able to feature classes, but that is total BS. There really is no fix for CVs, they are soooo badly broken they’d have to make a dozen changes to make it fair again. Any noob who has used a carrier 5 times can insta kill any DD they want with no chance of the DD doing any damage to the CV. Really game breaking.

    • They hate SKILL, thats why BBs are meant to fire HE in the current meta… so bad players that get fast to high tiers are happy with huge numbers and will pay more for stuff… DDs are the last class that can ruin that… a good DD player can still ahve influence over the outcome of the game …

  15. I’m kind of split on the whole CV/Clan Battle boycott.

    On the one hand, the CV/AA mechanic is not balanced properly and IJN AP Bombs are slightly ridiculous in their power. There can be no denying that and giving WG a kick up the backside to try and get them to look at it again is a good thing.

    On the other hand, I’m part of a more social clan; we exist as much to enjoy a game together and chat and have a laugh as compete and win (Although we definitely like winning!). We’re a group of decent but ultimately average players and the CV in Clan Battles was a great leveller for us because we could get the visibility we needed to then out play/out think/out manoeuvre teams that are statistically better than us without asking our DD to drive into a mass of radar, and that meant we had our best ever season of Clan Battles with everyone able to contribute much more to victories.

    I definitely want CVs fixed for the health of the game but I really don’t want a return to an island-camping radar meta that had been becoming the norm.

  16. I have no hope of the game getting better at this point. They seem completely uninterested in addressing the issues with CVs, so why waste my time and money.

  17. the more you love the more you hate.
    cheat program radar and CV….
    one thing for sure, I will never spend any money in this game ever again.

  18. It’s 4:am and I still haven’t fallen asleep. What do I do? I play my Smith. Has the best Concealment of any of my DDs Poor guns and torps, but a challenge.
    What do you do?

  19. You are right, WG let the CV and the AA in the current state for make smiling CV Players.
    Will they make the same thing with the Subs, buffing the Subs over DD, CA/CL and BBs?

  20. My CV suggestions:
    There should be not more than 1 CV in T3/4 games
    Bring back T5/7/9 CV’s, so they thin out on every tier level.
    Make T5/7/9 CV’s with the old RTS view
    Never more than 2 CV’s or just cap them to 1 per game anyway
    Increase a little bit the damage for dive bombers and torpedo bombers, get rid of rocket squadrons and bring effective intercepter planes back
    Bring back the captain’s trait where you could also increase the AA range

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