I SUNK YOUR BATTLESHIP, GO FOR THE RAM! World of Warships X Tier Ship Battle Gameplay

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  1. For any of you noticing this comment, have a great day!

  2. Play the Yamato warship

  3. Ohm I don’t know who is the person behind this lastest thumbnails, but
    congrats to that person these thumbnails are really great in comparison
    with olders

  4. Weekend routine: catching up Ohm’s YouTube vids and Twitch streams ☺️?❤

  5. Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer

    Hey guys, so after checking out World of Tanks again Wargaming asked if I
    wanted to check out what was new in World of Warships as well. As mentioned
    in the video it was about a year since I last played on stream so I figured
    why not! In this video I check out the US Tier X Cruiser (Des Moines), it’s
    pretty awesome! I hope you guys enjoy the video, new DBD and Gmod is coming
    up this weekend! :)

  6. ohm don’t use AP rounds on destroyers, they won’t work due to something
    called ‘overpenetration’ where for light armored ships the AP rounds will
    just go straight through

  7. Not a game I like to play myself but Ohmwrecker somehow made it fun to
    watch :)

  8. Play more tooth and tail please

  9. I played this game, and let me tell you, once you calculated your aim, fire
    and you hit, It’s the best feeling in the world

  10. 14:06 the most unbelievable kamikaze skill ever in the history of

  11. Does World of Warships only use American ship designs?

  12. Did you get your golden playbutton yet?

  13. Thanks for showing this game to me Ohm, really cool game

  14. Can u have a ship with jets on ?

  15. why do i get the notification after 1 day

  16. im getting the game and it better be fun but it probally is since u played
    it and u thought it was good

  17. I am surprised that this game hasn’t gotten real popular yet.

  18. jarno van herreweghe

    why only new players and no veterans ?

  19. this is really cool hope to see some more again ?
    have a great day ohm

  20. They still make battleships…

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