I think Mother Russia has a msg for me – World of Warships

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It was Wednesday, patch didn’t yet hit the EU servers so I jumped on my CIS account to do a bit of ranked.

It was all going so well until Mother Russia decided I’m having too much fun xD

You interpret the following as you please 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. half this clip i though like, that sinop isnt even looking at him. And then i got it right as he shot and my brain was like, oh it is this volley… just this one volley.

  2. The problem with the missing statistics after the battle is really common. I often face this issue for a while now. I guess WG does something on their servers – again…

    • Yeah I sometimes get that.. Specially when im Actually very curious about my exp

    • @RepaleoN Halo what fixes it partially it uploading your replay file to wows replays and some stats are shown there (though nt all of them)

    • it’d be nice if they kept a small file for your last played game, especially since this last week my connection has been getting dropped often and at critical times.

  3. Wilmote Beuscart

    The sinop got the world you had no flags so he gave you 10 of them, how nice !

  4. At least it wasn’t in KOTS finals.

  5. Arthur Spearman

    Actually, you don’t know this, but on the Russian server they are using mines in the waters now along with killer whales loaded with explosives.

  6. In Soviet Russia, battleship detonates you!

  7. Brother we all FEEL your pain, it is there for all to see, i hope that in 4-5 more years they will have this problem sorted out, by then we will have an entire new bunch of things to complain about.

  8. If Russia said “you’re dead” – you’re dead 😂

  9. I once got detonated in my Hindenburg by a Moskva HE shell hitting me in the smokestack. according to WG, it’s splash and/or desync.
    Next time just dodge! ^^ =P

  10. You do know that WG does NOT use any form of real life modelling to determine damage against targets right ? Based on what I have seen everything in the game is based on chances, with an “x” chance of detonation for each hit, no matter where the shell hits. It could (and looks like it did) hit you in the aft steering room and “detonate” the oily rags stored there.

    Like everything else in this game everything is either faked or rigged.

  11. The shock wave of the incoming shell completely destroys the little american ship because americans are not worthy to be touched by strong sowjet secret stalinium technology. da towaritsch

  12. This morning the server was changed, so you got logged out and in again. Probably that’s the reason the stats didn’t show.

  13. “I’m gunna forward this to WG cos I’m curious..”
    WG:” ahh yes, just as we suspected, we don’t give a fuck.”

    • The would if it was anything but an American ship.

    • Vulture_Grey: WOW

      I sent them statistical analyses of a suspicious game. I focused on three factors and asked the simple question. “Do you think this is fair and equitable matchmaking?”…..Three different people from WG never answered the question, even when presented with facts that basically proved MM determines match outcomes. They just kept avoiding the direct question. Here is what I took from it….take it or leave it. You’re not getting anywhere with them. Flambass was kicking ass in that game, DPM through the roof. He was too far off the curve, algorithm shut him off.

  14. ToughAncientSpark

    Stalinium: “Respect the element”.

  15. The calculation for the shell trajectory might be calculated way before the animation happens.

  16. i’ve hit a DD with a single ricochet, and he detonated. it’s utterly random.

  17. Onslaught-Starts

    You were dead before the shell connected, literally.

  18. Lukáš Benčík

    Sinop: *fires

    WG: Omae wa mou shindeiru

  19. Man, so that’s what happened to the Iowa’s nuclear shells, they gave them to the Sinop.

  20. HE shells deal splash damage to modules, even when landing in water.
    Since the “magazine” is a module, it can take damage from HE splash, and thus detonate without a direct hit.

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