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Last ship to improve all ALL the ships I ever played on my acc is St.Vincent. The game will NOT let me improve this ship no matter what I do.

So today I played my 1st game and it was a win with 2 kills and around 150k dmg. Awesome let’s continue…these were the next 2 games.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Thanks Flambino. I really enjoy your warship vids.

  2. Getting detonated by a CV while flailing ASW drops on a sub, Modern WOWS everyone.

    • T8 Kaga, ON HIS TORP BELT, I might add. That was…. I understand if you deto under the front turret, it happens to me too, but this was at the middle of the ship, the torp belt that can ricochet my 510mm AP shell from a Shiki….and this lonely single torp blows him up full hp

    • @Frans v. T Detonation mechanics shouldn’t exist in the game. The only reason they do is so people spend resources on the signals. They add nothing of value to the game.

    • @Frans v. T Yes, its bad when maximum torpedo damage was not even 10% of his total health and he took it on the belt protection. Glad I stopped playing it a few years back.

    • I felt his frustration at the end there. Playing DD against subs/carriers is even more of a nightmare

  3. Saul Prokopavicius

    Cool torp hit on first game

  4. And there I was 22:27 living large on 58K health and suddenly…

  5. I sense more Mechabellum videos coming in the very near future. 😀

  6. I was there on that flank and happy to see Flambass in action. I wanted to participate in your push. I was sad that you exploded. Bad luck.

    • Wait a minute you were that Yoshino that kept setting me on fire good game though thought it would have been you that got me rather then enterprise but being killed by the CV kinda seems fitting in Yamato

  7. Juliet Charlie is still the friend you don’t wanna abandon in this game. I’ve detonated a full HP Kremlin with 1 Gearing torp(!) once… and that was on North Charlie cap in KOTS 12. He was not a happy camper and got a fair amount of flak for it🤣

  8. The spreadsheet says that the funmechanic (detos) means fun for everyone!
    Do you feel the fun flowing through you flambass?

  9. Well I got my moment of publicity nice to be playing against you shame on the carrier but hey some good games prior and everyone knows you’ll boost the stats in no time.

    Love the content and keep at it ❤

  10. Based on the title I expected the first match to turn into a game of throes but it didn’t then the second match started Oh, well lets see how bad it will be lol.

  11. Hello everyone. I am trying to find a video of Flambass in what i think was a clan battle. Flambass was a destroyer, the game was played on the Sleeping Giant map. I believe the general premise was how it was actually possible to be competitive in destroyer in a clan battle. Flambass got into the cap located at the two half circle islands. He then proceeded to torpedo and sink at least three (if memory serves) of the opposition as they were utterly oblivions to wave after wave of torpedo coming out of the gap on the western edge of the cap. I have been searching for ages and i can’t find it. Did I mis remember who it was playing? Is it a Flamu game? If anyone can tell what I am talking about and point me in the right direction I would be most grateful! Thanks everyone and keep on keeping on Flambass!

  12. Mariusz Sobieraj

    Must watch vid for those who are considering returning to the game 😀

    • In fact, you talk about coming back to this famous bar, … you know, the one where there are never any women, and where to go through the door, we would like to leave ….

  13. Flamu show that WG randomly makes some ships weaker, so this can happen. It happen when u shoot somebody, and you get nothing. Like a NO citadel at close encounters.

  14. “So we’re gonna need 10 more”
    **Five minutes later**
    “So, we’re gonna need 15 more”

  15. Sincerely, I laughed my ass off. Not from maliciousness but because it was last thing I expected. RNG and MM in this game are two of the four horsemen of apocalypse, other two are CVs and WG accounting department…

  16. yup St. Vincent seems to be a very niche BB. Its a great ship in very specific applications.

  17. That schliefen torp was genius

  18. Oooh you go boom! Glad it’s not just me that suffers this. Great video dude

  19. St. Vincent …… the one Hit Wonder !

  20. That detonation was the CV community’s revenge for the citadel kill

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