i want my STALINGRAD || World of Warships

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  1. Who has a eu Account with 3 stalingrad Flags..??
    Is there someone..??

  2. I wonder if Stalingrad is allowed to participate in future Clan Battle seasons? Any info? ?

  3. Seems overpowered..

  4. “We’ll make an OP ship and then only give it to the best players!” great idea WG, what could go wrong…

    • Yeah but i dont think they will play it often. It will be a statskiller, since its so stupid

    • It’s not even that OP?

    • Whytebio you say that, but look at it this way. Rewards that are given for free are only to dedicated players who understand the game and try to IMPROVE. I can’t emphasise this enough for you lot to understand……

  5. TCC MajorGoliathus

    No Sonar ? No Plane ? No Def Flak ? No HE ? LOL

  6. 12 barrel of goo lag(oon) :v

  7. I’m still waiting for a Italian ship line ☹️, would be awesome if the could do a heavy cruiser line with high range secondaries like the German Battleships, only that it’s for cruisers

  8. Use of Stalinium shells confirmed!

  9. I am really not interested in this ship, cause i dont really want ships just because they are Overpowered. The gamestyle the Stalingrad provides is not really my style of playing. So i might trade some Coal and get the Salem instead. That ship is much more interesting (since i dont have DM).

  10. Its *save BYTHEWAY

  11. Either this person plays awesomely well or either stalingrad is more powerfull overpowerd . Back to back citidel and killing

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