I Won WW2 With My UNBALANCED Battleship… (World of Warships)

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Play World of Warships here: https://wo.ws/3QjHyRo

During registration use the code FIRE to get for free: 200 doubloons, 1 million credits, the Premium Battleship Tier 5 – USS Texas, 20x Restless Fire Camouflage, and 7 Days Premium Account.

Applicable to new users only.


  1. Fin The Clone Trooper

    POV you start as a captain

  2. This is a game I played and got confused/lost in 2 seconds almost instantly

  3. Another great video by Drew

  4. Drew I hate the fact you didn’t use AP with the Battleship smh

  5. This game is also on mobile it is called world of warship blitz it is not as good as the PC version but still good

  6. And Btw AP Shells are so much better, u have a high chance to hit the Cididel

  7. Somdatt Chandanbatwe

    I would love too see you play supremacy 1914 , it’s q great game you have to try it.

  8. Drew, you should play Enlisted! It’s a ww2 game and it’s very fun.

  9. Knowingly or Not, Drew’s double meaning narration had me in stitches.
    Or, I just have a dirty mind……

  10. Why is there an Italian flag in the thumbnail, when u used ships from every country except Italy? :/

  11. He was definitely playing against bots.

  12. TheFriendlyCorgi

    Getting hit broadside is bad because you take more hits but getting hit in the front limits your mobility after a hit. Both are deadly

  13. drew i am very disappointed by how you launch torps plus the ships that you play is balanced and the most unbalanced ship probably is the shikishima is the most unbalanced

  14. Video idea for dictators no peace spin a wheel for what country u attack

  15. @Denxi calm down you 8 year old

  16. @MC_OREO15 ye

  17. As someone who plays this game regularly I cringed so hard watching you spam HE against broadside, especially against low tier cruisers. Also the DD play left something to be desired

  18. You have to do more sponsorships, were do you find the money?

  19. I know these are recycled media accounts but they could have given you a better username tbh

  20. If you would ever play World of Warships again as Destroyer you should use them as some kind of hunter tactics cause your best thing is your speed

  21. I play the console version of this and this version looks so much better

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