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So new brawl is out and my God is it bad.

3v3 lasts almost as long as 1v1. Ppl are just suiciding, maps are the same…it’s just bad.

This is one of the rare games which was actually close and lasted longer than few mins.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. As is known to all, playing a German ship while having fun is prohibited in wows

  2. Flambass: “you need to buy Sinop”

    Player: “ok im buying Missouri”

  3. Actually been in that position with a Sinop. 7 overpens and 2 bounces, aimed at the waterline.

    • Happened to me VS a Lazo in my Shchors. Lazo still and broadside, 13km. Had to fire 3 volleys to “find” its Citadel. Atlantas are nothing, belfasts have strange armor

    • @TheGrandexeno That…. Is not the same… Not the same ship, not the same target, not the same nation, not the same range.

    • I had the same problem in Riga…

      Firing at a Ibuki which is broadsiding 10km away -> Overpens

      Snapshot at a Edinburgh which sails 15km away, almost angled -> 5 Citadels (7 out of 9 hits)

    • @steam_ bool2 Shchors and sinop not the same nation? Are you even playing the game?

    • ​@TheGrandexenoI am sorry, there was a misunderstanding. I meant that Shchors is not the same nation as Gneisenau.

  4. Michael Hoffmann

    “Is he trying to torp me?”
    Its a Gneisenau, of course he is trying to torp you. Its basically the unwritten rule for playing a Gneisenau, allways try to torp everything.

    • Of course he will torp, the average Gneisenau player seems to think they are playing one of the new AP focused DDs and not a BB, some of them don’t even think of it as AP focused and just keep HE loaded because that won’t overpen at least xD. To be honest tho, if you have extremely good RNG Gneis can be a fun ship to play because no one expects a Gneisenau to not be a potato.

    • @LordDedoss It also helps that it’s very armoured for something at only T7. I mean, the torpedoes are fun and do help, but they should be a deterrent, not something to be used in detriment to the main battery.

    • You see it all the time, ships tossing their broadside and any chance to win ’cause torpers gotta torp…

    • @vtr0104 I also really like the speed of her, allows for fast positioning and also helps if you need to run from some HE spammers. In general I treat Gneis more like a really big cruiser sometimes, especially against T9, but if you can make her work she’s the most fun experience you can get in a german BB imo. The new secondaries might actually make her a lot stronger again because she basically has Massachusetts levels of secondaries in terms of accuracy and amount, only missing the range, but I guess only time will tell if they will actually be that good or if WG nerfs them last minute

    • TheChronographer

      My last brawl – torp the cruiser, then torp the battleship, my secondaries finish off the destroyer. Me playing Gneisenau – My job here is done.

  5. Sinop is one of those ships that would be well balanced with 38-40 second reload, since that is the current WG BB balance tactic. As it is with 33 sec, it’s still very very strong. But since WG is balancing other mid tier ships that are “too strong”, perhaps Sinop will get a minor nerf to her AA to properly balance her.

    • @Macintoshiba Sinop at t8 would get crushed by everything. As it stands, is too much for t7, but not enough to be a t8

    • @Esteban Soto youre joking right? Sinop starts to mildly struggle at t9, atleast the way I play her…)

    • @Macintoshiba With all the HE Spam and the fact that it has no deck armor I think its simply not enough for being an actual t8. I’m not saying that it’s unplayable when you get up tiered, but it’s not the same as being an actual t8.

    • @Macintoshiba you would melt like butter if I find you at t9, or at least the way I play. Anecdote much?

    • @Esteban Soto fair.

  6. I hope the next game
    That guy: I got a Sinop and devastated a Belfast because Flambass told me so.

  7. I want my Russian/Soviet “Year of Design” CV with ICBM’s for secondary armament.
    Don’t forget that the Russian/Soviet Navy has won each and every battle it has fought since June 1905!
    That’s 100 years undefeated!!!
    Think about it!

    • Ah yes, the famous Battle Of Stalins Duck Pond. It’s up there with Jutland, Midway, Guadalcanal, …

    • Bruh, you drunk? One of those ICBM’s detonated and vaporized the CV. Hence, is why there is an ICBM ban on all CV’s.

  8. 5:05 Meanwhile in the Nelson: “WHY ISN’T MY BELFAST SHOOTING AT THE GNEISENAU?!” xD

  9. In Swedish “Sinop” sounds a lot like “senap”, which means “mustard”, so this game is basically Flambass screaming about mustard like a crazy person.. 🙂

  10. You would be twice/thrice/etc dead with Nagato, Colorado, King George and other stuff like that as well. That Sinop/Soviet stuff sounds really stupid. Except Soviet CVs, of course. )

  11. Dustin McCrindle

    When did Roy Orbison grow a goatee and sarcasm?

  12. Sverre Johan Berg

    “Let’s try some of them fake ships”

    *Look’s at Gneisenau and Scharnhorst*

  13. 9:15 for some reason this was the translation that puped into my head “i was trying to model for him in all pozitions, and he could not get it up to fuck me” :))

  14. He needs to get the updated spreadsheet where Sinop players are having fun…

  15. Enemy DD threw that game. All he had to do was play ring around the rock for a few more minutes.

  16. “The hand of Stalin”? LoL – How many of Jingles’ videos have you been watching?

  17. I love the complaining about overpowered ships while in a Belfast

  18. Flambass needs to keep the aviators , its his signature look now!

  19. “If you were a Sinop”

    He’d be playing a paper ship that is biased the hell out of it… I’m glad to see Gneis and Scharny out there!

  20. Marcin Srebnicki

    Next match vs a Sinope “Imagine you were a Gneisenau and had torps”

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