If it’s Stupid but it works :D still – World of Warships

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If it’s Stupid but it works 😀 still – World of Warships
Poculus VII King George V
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  1. Natthaphong Wongwai

    Attack attack attack!!

  2. God save King George!

  3. well that escalated quickly

  4. this much broadside, but you still use HE… this is so frustrating.

  5. If it is stupid but it works it is still stupid you just got lucky. XD

  6. If it’s stupid, but it works, it’s doesn’t have to be stupid, Mr. Flamu

  7. HMS retard shooting HE at boardside

  8. I was really worried that the AKU was gonna TK near the end there…..I probaly would not have launched torps

  9. Torpedobeat 2.0: 6:00

  10. Great to see that Colorado hiding down the bottom of the map killed first.

  11. Always works, if the enemy team lets it. In contrast I was in a standard battle on Two Brothers last week, where 2/3 of the enemy team pushed the cap at the beginning. They died, BUT they were in our cap long enough to get ahead on points. So even, though, the we had three ships left at the end, and they only had one, they were ahead on points.

  12. Britisch guns, a fucking joke.

  13. So ein dämliches Gegner Team hätte ich auch mal gerne

  14. Georges displaying excellent battle buddy tactics

  15. Showing this much broadside, and taking 3k damage..

  16. Андрей Морозов

    Обе команды – сборище идиотов. В одной два топовых линкора поперлись в проход. Во второй команде топовые линкоры решили не уходить с респа. “Колорадо” на фугасных снарядах, заметил противника, только когда половину прочности потерял, стрелял, но не попал ни разу… “Гнейзенау” – линкор с торпедами. Мог бы отправить на дно обоих “Кингов”. Однако занимался какой-то херней. Эсминец, который не сумел утопить хотя бы один линкор в узком проливе… Выставка интеллектуальных инвалидов…

  17. It works cuz the enemy team are retards

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