If You Do This In World of Warships Please Stop….

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If You Do This In World of Warships Please Stop….

Seriously, if you do this in ranked or any game in world of warships, or even any other game, please stop and reconsider what you are doing, good bye!
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  1. I too hate when BB’s do the cowardly lion thing. Drives me insane tbh to see all that damage potential go to waste.

  2. I hate when I see teammates doing that. Which is why each time I manage to get into a battle as a BB, I always push either into the cap, or just outside the cap, but able to support any ship capping for us. Seeing this reminds me why I stopped playing Ranked this season.

    • kkls #onster t234,?

      I am a bb main and thats exactly what bbs should do in ranked battle. Especially in smaller maps.
      Since you got that nice chance to tank and do a lot of damage to cruiser and unsuspecting bbs.

  3. Actually espionage business and playing Wows have similarity, trust no one!

  4. I push in with my BB’s but to often when I say ‘I will tank’ everyone just goes left and right and hides behind islands. Guess what happens to me 🙁
    And I will admit I’m a noob with 280 multiplayer games played and 50% win rate but I do know moving forward with team mates backing you works

    • Best thing to do is hang out at mid range till mid game then push in

    • I feel ya mate, but that ain’t always the case, i’m also a 300 random battles noob but i’ve seen one too many times entire squads of ships be felled by one or two HE spammers and or a carrier and god forbid you meet a Smolensk, even while being accompanied by mates, I still feel uneasy when trying to push.

  5. Absolutely hilarious. Your humorous take on what is so frustrating is just the sort of psychotherapy we need.
    5:35 “I don’t l know, I don’t know what to do anymore” So funny. That’s me when its time to log off.
    One note though, this season I noticed a lot of players in ranked who just aren’t interested in winning the game. They would blow through the cap without capping it, one guy used Ranked to put his new Tirpitz in battle for the first time, his only T8 ship, didnt last long. I think many players are going to ranked-battle because of the battle format , 7vs7, all the same tier. I stopped at 11, couldn’t take it anymore.

  6. CynicallyObnoxious

    I havent played ranked since it started lol I got to 10 got my steel and refused when I heard what the que was like waiting at rank 5 and up for 5 to 10 minutes thats all I needed to know what the ques where gonna be full of and sorry if anyone reading is one of those “I just wanted to try and get steel” or the ” I have 150 battles and I bought a ship me do ranked” people nah I aint playing with you

  7. dd main, welcome to my life lol.

  8. more than 90% player play BB that I play ranked within this map always play like this even you knew they gonna make you lose and warn them they still doing it. I don’t understand why some people are so stupid to realize that

  9. If you accept that 99% of people in this game dont understand the basic fundamentals of the game and dont care if they win then your expectations will be lower. I run match maker monitor for this reason at the start of each game I know who I am playing with and formulate my tactics accordingly. The statistics of the majority of players are quite low now as the server is full of new players who thanks to WG have progressed far too quickly up the tiers and only need about 100 battles to play ranked with all of those previous battles in protected match making and playing a vast majority of battles against only bots.

  10. I wish you could tag someone as “don’t want to play with (but okay against)’. Seriously. As allies, they are far worse than as enemies.

  11. You would think players that have reached T8 would understand positioning, but never assume!

  12. Success in ranked is primarily a function of how the inept players are distributed among the two teams. The team with the most generally gets obliterated.


  14. I stopped at rank 12.

    Too much retard for me to deal with…
    I want win % or something to determine who I play with/against in ranked. It take a massive amount of effort to carry (feels like a job) and I’m not cynical enough to just play for the star.

  15. Dude ranked always has been like this, welcome to wows.

  16. This type of BB playing in the ranked season before this made me uninstall and delete my WG account. And it was a well-known steaming CC that played this way.

  17. “lost because noob DDs failed to cap”
    It´s crystal clear 😜

    I carried my teams with Cossack till i reached R10 and then bailed from ranked.

  18. Those are what I called, “Star Keeper” players, who’s aim is not play to win but stay back to farm enough damage so not to lose star, but gain one when others carries for them!

  19. I know that type of game all too well lol

  20. Why are there so many godamn BB’s in ranked.

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