If You Do This In World of Warships You Should be Banned.

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If You Do This In World of Warships You Should be Banned.

This is horrible play and I just needed to upload this to get it out of my system, truly disgusting play from a purely gameplay perspective in world of warships, its one thing to talk trash in the in game chat, it’s a completely different thing to do it in terms of gameplay and ruin the game for your team and this was a ranked game of world of warships also.

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer online game produced and published by Wargaming, following the earlier games World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. Players can battle others at random or play cooperative battle types against bots or an advanced player versus environment (PvE) battle mode. For the most skilled players, two seasonal competitive modes are available.

World of Warships was originally released for Microsoft Windows and macOS in 2017. The computer version was followed by the iOS mobile game titled World of Warships Blitz in 2018. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console versions, titled World of Warships: Legends, followed in 2019.

The pinnacle of all Japanese battleship design philosophy and possibly of the entire world, Yamato gains its place as the one of the most solid battleship at her tier. She has the third largest hit points of any ship in the game at a staggering 97200 next to Großer Kurfürst’s 105800 and Kreml’s 108300 her guns have the second highest citadel hit damage of any round in the game, at 14800 HP per citadel hit. While individual AA mounts are mediocre, the sheer number of AA guns, nearly 150 25mm AA barrels (in real life, 162 25mm AA barrels in latest upgrade) and 24 127mm DP guns, provides a mild deterrent particularly against lower tier carriers. She, along with her sister ship Musashi holds the record for best torpedo protection in game, with a value of 56%, which is rather surprising considering that in real life, they both suffered from weak torpedo protection due to design flaws with the area joining the upper and lower armor belts. In game, Yamato represents the upgraded 1945 variant while Musashi depicts the original version. With a turning radius of 800m and a top speed of 27.2 kts, she is also surprisingly maneuverable despite her large size, though still quite short of her real life maneuverability. However, with a long rudder shift time and extremely slow turret traverse, one must plan all actions in advance, or risk being caught off-guard and unable to react. The guns, while having better accuracy than Conqueror, Montana and Großer Kurfürst, are very unforgiving, with a 30 second reload stock, which can be decreased to just under 27 seconds at the expense of further reducing its abysmal turret traverse by using a piece of equipment. Being one of the biggest ships in the game, Yamato is constantly targeted by Aircraft Carriers, and despite the numerous AA guns, high tier carriers can still get planes through, so it is advised to stay near ships that have solid AA suites such as cruisers for an AA “aegis” to be created. In addition, even though your armor is the most solid in the game you should still try to angle your ship as sometimes shells may have a chance to hit home and deal glaring damage. Keep in mind that her high citadel can easily be hit if the enemy manages to penetrate your armor, especially since the torpedo protection is only 410mm and can easily be penetrated by enemy battleships.

Despite all of these drawbacks, Yamato is by far the most powerful battleship in the game in a long ranged and defensive position. She may not be the fastest, the stealthiest, or the Tier X battleship with the highest RoF, but her armor, gun caliber and health more than makes up for it. Her guns are so massive that they can score citadels on virtually any Tier VIII+ battleship and combined with their immense accuracy, she is a formidable foe. With good aim and some luck, Yamato’s glaring damage can wipe battleships off the sea, allowing other more vulnerable cruisers, such as Des Moines and Hindenburg, to quickly mop up the remaining enemies while simultaneously serving as an AA screen for Yamato. Overall, she is a powerful asset that, with the right build, good teammates, and in the hands of a skilled player, will dominate the battle and can even control it.

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  1. david and martine albon

    Fun and engaging gameplay with extra salt!

  2. There’s something to say about being cautious approaching the mid-cap, but what that Haru did was just plain spiteful from the beginning. Would love to see his/her comment on this.

  3. mikxgaming254 kimmikx

    Nothing is done I so hope thy don’t bring this mechanism to wow legends

  4. And this is the reason why you should behave even in online games. These are still people with emotions you are playing with.
    The better solution would have been to find the reason for his behavior (probably died several times because his team left him alone) and solve it. For example by offering support instead of insults.

    • How would that even work? A teammate decided to take himself out of the game in the beginning, people slightly damaged him out of frustration, and he got upset and ruined their game. He doesn’t need a therapist, he needs to learn the game or not play RANKED…

    • While not getting so heated, he’s got a point. Ranked and CWS exists for the sole purpose of experiencing competitive gameplay at an amateur level.
      Childlish behavior has no room here and should be shamed when occuring in randoms.

      Now as for the whole “you need to be friendly” I tried, many of us did, it doesn’t work. People struggle with their ego and will get tilted from you telling them advices. Just advices. Do insults and flame make it better ? For him no but no one cares then, as for you – you get to vent pressure and what you want to say.
      Now the best course of action stays a quick message that’s factual and then a block so you can focus back on the game.

  5. Well you will find (and you have found) some players who really doesn’t know what to do with their ships, what to do with game modes, cause I noticed that position by Harugumo will work if he play pve mode (aka. co-op) but not in pvp. And I won’t be bother to check his profile, too much time wasting… lol

  6. I just want to make this painfully clear, that it is in no way my intention to disparage the player doing this, this video is to solely focus on the action itself of ruining a game and how it effects other players in the game, I will never endorse going after someone for one perhaps heat of the moment mistake made in game, I feel I needed to add this incase it wasn’t clear in the video and if I make a video like this in the future the names will be blanked out.

    • @TheDarkCalling You did no better IMO as you just yolo in reply!!! First remember ALL its a fake ass, Rigged Business not a Game!!! For all we know WGings Psych Profiles, (compiled from after game questionnaires, in game surveys, how and when you spend money, past behavior in chat and game play ect….) matched you all up just to see the outcome!!!! Shit the instigator was probably from WGing!! LOL

    • That’s fair, I was pretty tilted by the fact that our Smolensk was taken out of the game and our haru wasn’t going to play anymore so it was effectively 5 Vs 7 but that’s no excuse, I should’ve played differently.

    • @TheDarkCalling Honestly can’t blame you.
      With nowadays average player level, you have to carry to win. This goes by knowing the game, having a good and comfy pick and do your best with it.
      When you see a player refusing to play his role and just give up because he gets legitimately flamed on, it’s a huge hit to the team’s moral and should already be a bannable behavior – yet where’s the difference with an AFK or a DC ? And so it’s allowed – but causing the death of a player is another level.
      The rant is legitimate, alas I don’t know what WG could do about this.

      Therefore, it’s a good thing this video exists and that his name isn’t blurred. You be a piece of shit IRL, you’ll get shit. Same thing on the internet. I don’t care about him being harrassed – nor am I gonna do it – but I am 100% adding this guy to my black list. It won’t do much, but it will remind me this person is shit at the game and should be regarded as non-existent on the battlefield. Childlish behavior are not to occur in any competitive gameplay, there’s no room for it.

  7. That DD player needs to stick to playing with Barbie dolls.

  8. The proof is in the replay and the player’s comments in chat it was intentional and clearly against TOS. Behavior like this just create a WG support ticket and attach the reply and the video and they will do the rest. Then move on. Every game we see a player having a bad day that just wants to see the world burn around them. Players like this feed on getting a reaction from others.

  9. Bruh its getting more toxic and cancer the longer this game is not fixed, still waiting for same game that totally replace wows and make it cancelled.

    Unless they fix their damn game(which is 99% wont)

  10. So 2 players get turned Pink because one gets rammed to death and the other opens fire on a arse of a player? I’d have left the Haragumo alone and videoed it and reported it to WG afterwards unless he directly attacked me? and I have done that in the past but I give a warning in chat 1st then if they carry on then I sink them. perhaps because I’m a older player I have more patience than others regarding idiots/arseholes But you didnt cover yourself in glory here by firing on him….

  11. anyone who clicks “1” should be banned. disgusting

  12. By what I saw, he could be a cruiser/battleship player who needed to do a mission in a dd, being he hid behind the rocks to avoid detection. In that case, he should have stated it in the beginning.

  13. Everyone was in the wrong here. Really you posted this?
    Sorry someone wasted your time. Welcome to WoWs ranked battles.
    Can’t count how many times was scouting in DD, then look at the mini map an the BBS have run to other side of the map an hid behind islands.

  14. Why is there team dmg in the first place?
    The blitz version of WoW and WoT doesn’t have team damage, then why does the PC version have this feature? They should remove team dmg alltogether

  15. That player should have been banned for killing his own team mate. However this video shows what is wrong with World of Warships today.

    1. People not learning their ship’s job
    2. People being Dbags in chat and team killing
    3. People giving up when they think they can’t win.

  16. Yesterday, in random battle, a Mahan kept sailing on the bottom line until she was the last ship alive, she then decided to attack the enemy.

    The day before a friend of mine got torpedoed by an ally DD because he kept asking him to spot the enemy in the cap. Another DD harassed us by spamming F4 in chat…

    Lately the DD playerbase has worsened a lot in my opinion: people not capping, spotting or supporting the team, just camping behind islands…

    • Well as a shifting to DD main, I’m sorry to hear that.
      I’d like to say that with CVs around plus the radars still being there it’s pretty hard for a DD player. But such actions and island camping aren’t things a DD player should do.

      As for caps, I can alas only understand DDs not contesting them on certain maps, certain caps and hiding in a smoke is quite comfy against CVs so yeah.

      That being said, a DD is and should be played for utility. It’s also and alas the least rewarding gameplay as spotting gives you nothing or so and capping depends on your team most of the time.
      So I’d say we have to expect such behaviors from new DD players as they don’t understand they’re here for utility but trust me when I say DD mains that know a bit what they’re doing are doing their best.

    • I think those people main wasn’t dd. Probably they think ‘hmmm..maybe I’ll try playing dd instead of my usual bb’ aaaand……using free xp, jump straight to mid-high tier match only to be….welllll…THAT…

    • @Kaeru Kai Possible, but a terrible news to hear that people can do that before they understand a DD is made for utility

    • @Unfazer Well, its 2020, mate. Many thing goes FUBAR this year. As for 2021…..we can only guess.

  17. The Smolensk player made a bad situation even worse when he shot the Harugumo. Instead of just having a useless DD on the team they ended up fighting each other and loosing the flank. Moral of the story is: don’t waste your energy and concentration on other players. Just mind your own gameplay and you’ll have better chances of success.

  18. This is why votekick should be added, but requires an overwhelming majority to take effect. Perhaps it would add a random Arms Race buff to your team once they’ve been kicked and their health divided equally between the enemies in the form of dealt damage?

  19. Bad play or not, u and Smolensk is the two doing the most wrong. If the dd had 10 games scouting and no support when needed i understand he sitting from start. 99 times out of 100 u get 0 support from BB or even ca. But bad or not, to shoot at ypur own is what should cause a ban. Nothing else. All after that first shot is just giving back and Smolensk and u should have it coming. Only right thing is to play the game and dont care about the bad player. The player u think is bad. Do u shoot at all bad playing bb also when they sit behind an Island with no impact at the game at all for the whole match?

  20. its been happening ever since they changed the system for damaging your own team , people deliberately steering into your torps , sailing across you knowing your line of fire so they get you to hit them all just to cause you to go pink and then once pink they do this sort of crap with no penalty’s , this system has been in place for some time now and war gaming isn’t going to do a thing about it even though right from the get go people reported the flaw in it , and they dont care . right now they are more focused on getting console gamers into the game and testing console crap on pc gamers , each step they take its turning the once good game into more and more arcade like in play style and changing the game from what it was . worst of all they arent listening to the player base to fix these things , they just want to draw in a new player base and disregard the old player base

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