IJN CV ACE – 396K DMG || World of Warships

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Player: OceanKiss
Ship: Hakuryuu

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  1. Taiwan player?? good

  2. 2:55 fun and engaging

  3. Sabbath D. Cayman

    2:55 Uninstalled probs.

  4. Sabbath D. Cayman

    This game is a huge mess. Allies are doing absolutely nothing and the enemy team (which looks more coordinated) is just letting itself be picked off one by one by the carrier. Also, enemy carrier is garbage and kudos for this player, good carrier playing. He literally carried the whole game from start to finish.

  5. Eugene St.claire

    I think he did everything , or at least, his own work here.

  6. This is why they should nerf the shit out of this OP ships,when you can do 91K damged in a singel attack with torpedos.Well that says it all………..

  7. How come that Tirp wasnt burning after?He must have used repair on the previous flood!

  8. Obvious Starcraft pro player ;p Awesome micro.

  9. kill steal everywhere

  10. Enemy team have absolutely no decent def AA cruiser or AA BB lying around, Midway is not only poorly played, the ship itself is bad. Enemy team stayed in formation but with no AA CRUISERS. Gosh why does people keep undermining American cruisers when the lack of them is why this game happens.

  11. ”To kill off the BB infistation” I don’t blame him for wanting that to stop! lul! 13:04

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