IJN Destroyer Grind – World of Warships

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  1. And now I’m redownloading Warships… thanks LC… appreciate that….

  2. LevelCap is flexing on us with that damage count

  3. I’ve played more and more Warships and less to no Battlefield over the last three years.

    • @Randy Hulsebos Not an issue with WoWships. Wargaming is on top of cheaters.

    • @morcogbr No, Europe. Played on 3 different servers and all had a cheater or 2 in them. Shooting through walls and from long distance with a SMG through smoke.

    • @johnny b Can you even cheat in a game like that? but yea i haven’t seen one in WoWS. It’s a great game but it’s not a game i can play often like BFV.

    • @Randy Hulsebos There have been few cheats/aimbots, in WoWships because they get caught and banned unlike Battlefield games. I can’t play the die/spawn/die/spawn gameplay of Battlefield anymore while pilots can still go 60-3 in their untouchable sky campers.

    • @Randy Hulsebos ahhh i though you were talking about WowS, my bad

  4. fantastic video dude, loving the world of warships content

  5. Glad to see you enjoying the game Level. I’ve played this game since Closed Beta and have loved it ever since. I currently lead the team maintaining the official wiki, so if you ever have questions, feel free to PM Doomlock.

    • Is the official wiki run by players and not WG?

    • @TiradeShade Yes. It’s run by a group of players such as myself that wish to keep the wiki in good condition. We do work with Wargaming to help with things outside our control, but mostly it’s all us.

    • @Doomlock I have noticed a lot of older ships entries getting updated after being out of date for a while, good to see some pages getting love. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

    • Hats up for you sir

      TBH, i’m not so enjoying carrier rework, still prefer RTS mode

      But show must go on, whining won’t chang anything

  6. You know levelcap you have been liking more games then just battlefield and posting less of it…….HELL YEAH GUY! Play whatever GD game you wana play and enjoy the hell out of it.

  7. CynicallyObnoxious

    Yea Alsace has insane secondaries lol so do germans and some other bbs. Best to hit a torp try to get a flood they repair and as you manuver use your guns to set a fire

  8. Keep the wows vids coming! The game needs you!

  9. When i doge torpedos immediately in my mind the song from Tokyo drift is on full blast hahahaha

  10. Whhhhha level cap with WOW gameplay ??‍♂️

  11. Keep on doing this man love it

  12. when you see an ARP ship it’s a veteran

  13. Love this game more than BF actually

  14. Yes!!! WoW!!!! I play Legends version a lot!!! Try it!

  15. Nice to see you are enjoying it! I’ve been playing WOWs for more than 3 years and it has been a great journey. Hope to see you in the seas!

  16. When you’re a DD, it definitely helps to know the opposing team’s ship capabilities. Radar/hydro ranges and their cooldown times is critical information to know when trying to get in close.

  17. Godspeed Journeys

    This is such a nice change from BF. Keep it up! If you could include perhaps a minute more or so before each clip so it builds each scene, that would be great. Cheers!

  18. I saw your second video, and decided to try it. I have 250 battles in since Friday lol. BF what? Thus is what a fun game is supposed to be. BFV just got to be like a job

  19. Nice! Yeah same. But with Battleships. only 26k XP away from the Kurfürst! WOOP!

  20. Ehe, awesome.

    Would love to see you play more of this, become a full fledged WoWs streamer.

    Keep in mind that, even while undetected in a smokescreen, players can see the shells as soon as they leave the barrels, so if you stay stationary, you give away your location.

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