IJN HARUGUMO – Pure GUNBOAT POWER – WIP || World of Warships

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  1. For a DD its quite large but this firepower With That concealment, crazy

  2. Met Flamu in a game in the weekend where he played the Harugumo…
    What a nasty ship in the hands of a skilled player. Melted my team and Our DDs. Did chunk him for 10K in my Atago (guns), but was unstoppable. Ended second on my team, but though..

  3. I would Love to see some Clan Battle tactics in the next Video, maybe from a bb player perspective

  4. Just wait till we see 3 player divisions of this thing. I might just stop playing again… 😉

  5. not my best game but i think we can see where this is going ^^

  6. Still wish the torp meta came back there good but your better off with a gunboat DD.

  7. Now we need to buff IJN torps and give them a better concealment.

  8. Feels like gunboat DD is the superior DD. But this ship is abit too op. Just my opinion

  9. Spoon Killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Its a DD version of the Worcester. And the second gun fight in the video was absolute garbage aim and shooting by that player. We all have our moments I guess.

  11. That ain’t no Destroyer! Its a Light Cruiser!

  12. You realize if you keep showing gameplay of a “good” Japanese DD they’ll nerf it into the ground, right? =/

  13. The “hairygummy” is a mean ship.

  14. OP, Gearing is a gunboat too and has no chance.

  15. wonder if they nerf the HE pen values, it is ridiculous in its current state. As a certain other contributor demonstrated it can out-Worcester a Worcester rather easily…

  16. that enemy gearing….

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