IJN SUPERCRUISER – Highest Yoshino DMG so far? World of Warships

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  1. first…..

  2. NA server has a 390K game, so not the damage record again

  3. If it was me the first couple of Montana volleys would of paddled me right back to home port XD

  4. 3:48 min???, 18:33 min???

  5. andreas pedersen

    Got 17 decaps and a solo warrior in my last..

  6. After having damage enough to account for a third of the enemy team….He finally gets a kill!

  7. Try playing on SEA, you guys on EU and NA got it easy.

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      If you see a div with BR in their clan tags on the NA server, the game becomes hell on earth if they’re on your side.

  8. nobody cap, and he moved so slow to the 2nd cap area.

  9. Biggest downside of Yoshino: You cant carry your team in it!!
    Your ship is to paper for any aggressive play sadly.
    But for pure dmg farming it is super strong, even stronger than Zao imo

  10. And what we ve laerned today ? Long range HE spamming doesnt win the battle.

    GG tho.

  11. Didn’t cap A when he could have… lost the game for the team.

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