I’ll Take it! (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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  1. Hi spartan!! How you doing?

  2. I remeber meet the monarch and u had iowa broadside and u couldn’t citedel 😂😂


  4. Oh Spartan ..Spartan 😂😂😂Spartan

  5. Classic game , you play t7/legendary your on sleeping giant , it’s domination and every threat to you spawns next to you.

  6. Oh lord the the titanic has a better rudder than that thing

  7. Love your videos, your knowledge on the game has really helped me in my experience on playing, thanks for all the tips!

  8. 2:10 you know about my voicecracks

  9. HerrOberSchützenGrenadier 24

    And i thought this was the Round were i played against you

  10. Would had more impact with he besides derp yamato

  11. Cheesy Hamburger Jr.

    Spartan: *Shoots at a Yamato* Not bad, not bad
    Also Spartan: bUuT *complete silence* What just happened to my voice there

    Me: I was not expecting that, first a burp and now a voice crack 😂

    • Suddenly 3 days ago our PS4 games World of Tanks and Warships of War fail. ‘No internet connection’ error message’. Done all trouble shooting and reloading new account and password, test says connected but only 1-3 per Queue in tanks and alway times out. I spent too much real great ‘free’ (not!)
      Either fix dvthnn

    • Cheesy Hamburger Jr.

      @Darcy Jones I don’t play PS4

  12. Curtis Dexter-jones

    5:00 – 5:10 that made laugh

  13. Spartan, will you be posting anything from Arena? The games can be quick. You could do a multi game montage. Just an idea.

  14. Your just too good man, if I join a game with you I’m sorry cause I’ll just lose the match😂

  15. Spartan I noticed your voice sounded deeper in this video. Anyone else noticed as well?

  16. That one dislike is the Bismarck you rocked in the beginning

  17. Thank god Prinz Eugen didn’t get sunk this match

  18. Hey spartan, rn is a Friday night, you know what that means. I wanna let you you that you kept me entertained when i was at work and school. You taught me so much since I subscribed to you.

  19. 2:11 that voice crack 🤣

  20. Man I really want the Monarch. It blows chunks that it’s a Free XP ship. I can earn tons of Elite XP but the fact that I have to convert it using Dubloons irks me to no end.

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