Illinois Is So Much Fun!

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Tim van der Velden

    Since I’m early anyway, I just wanted to say that your videos have really helped me improve my play. I’m a pretty big noob, but you are very good at explaining what you do and why. Thank you!

  2. I got mine yesterday. And I agree its loads of fun. It is an Americanized version of the German Mecklenburg. The Reaload is more like Buffalo not Des Moines and they work great.

    • @Malte Mejlstrup I used to play a lot but now i have other things to do and other games i wanna play, just didnt wanna play WoWS for more than 2 hours a day typa deal yk? 🙂

    • @BigD ty ty for the info. how long does each BP season last, if u know?

    • @Yichen Wu Makes sense. Still, the battlepass does make it easier for those that don’t play all that often, as long as they play enough to get all the way through it

    • @Malte Mejlstrup true at least there’s another way to earn RB besides just painfully resetting lines again and again.

    • @Yichen Wu every BP lasts for the respective patch, nee one every patch

      If you play fairly regularly, its pretty easy to complete

      And the 2.5k is dubs btw

  3. Picked up Illinois yesterday – its a lot of fun. I play it like my venezia, similar to how it was played in the video. I definitely prefer the dispersion mod in slot 6 over the reload mod. Seems like I’m landing a lot more shells with that mod.

  4. Man i really love this ship. Its so fun and good. Still Subs and Carriers are plague. But its really just a different experience.

  5. Once you get used to it’s easy to consistently hit ships at long ranges in Illinois, however in cr-ap dispersion ships like Ohio that really becomes difficult.

  6. PQ you can actually reset the line, use free-XP to free-XP the line, reset again, use free-XP again to free-XP the line and play in co-op. What i want to say is you can stack the researchpoints bonus so you will end up saving a lot on credits.

  7. Arizona Anime-Fan

    it’s a scary ship, sorta like a desi, only far scarier because it’s not as easy to sink. ran into one yesterday in my thunderer. beat it down because i played islands and spotting better then he did. but man was he a scary beast to fight. in the hands of a better player that fight would have went the other way.

    • Same, I played my Bourger and mistook it for one of those Hybrid ones. Fought open water and I had a NorCa backing me up. He absolutely shredded the NorCa before I was able to take him out. The DPM is quite scary

  8. People don’t generally consider accuracy mods to be “extra dpm”, but you could consider consistently landing more shells to be an increase in dpm.

    • Reload increases potential maximum DPM while accuracy raises DPM consistency. There’s a big difference that has its benefits in different situations.

  9. I am looking into a specialized build captain just for Illinois – trying to build a supercruiser. Going rudder and reload mod, captain with vigilance, extended range secondaries but no manuals, dropping the heal buff, looking to help her bad torp protection and low pool with better detection and wiggle. So far – I like it. CQC and you are at 7.1s reload on mains, only gets better with AR…

  10. Don’t know about the Hector but the vamp is an excellent DD.

  11. I am now regretting buying the Gibraltar a few weeks ago, if I would of know this was coming I would of waited for sure, guess I gotta start grinding lines again, I have already done the harugumo line 51 times. Imagine this ship with halsey on and that game mode arm s race this ship will be insane.

    • I had an arms race game in it yesterday. It was pretty nutty. I got down to 6.5s reload towards the end. You’re approaching Annapolis levels of DPM at that point. That was just with Adrenaline Rush and the Arms Race buffs. Halsey Confederate would have been even crazier.

  12. I have heard a lot of people with buyer’s remorse regarding Illinois. Remember, PQ liking it and doing well in it doesn’t mean anything but that. Your experience may be way different. I haven’t played the Illinois but I have played against it and my impression is that Illinois has weak armor and will get clapped bow in against BB. It’s not that tanky.

  13. If only this had been the new American BB Tech Tree line instead of hybrid BBs. A T8 Norcal hull with 12 Mk15s (Buffallo guns), Illinois and then a T10 Monty hull with 16 Mk16s.

  14. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    I think the Illinois is the “Little battleship that could”….it’s a ship that has guns that don’t make other BB’s fear her getting citadels on them, but she will absolutely farm damage off them like it was going out of style.

  15. As someone who lives in Illinois, this is the first time anyone has ever used “Fun” and “Illinois” in the same sentence.

  16. the captains all went out to dinner and left their ships alone. the Monty looked over at the Des Moines and she smiled back. 9 months later and we have their shiny new baby, the Illinois, and now we get to watch her grow up……

  17. I wish there was an option to try out ships before purchasing them. It would help a lot with expensive (ressource) ships

  18. I own all RB ships except the illinois gonna take me around a month then I will have 50k RB I think after that I am never doing a reset ever again

  19. Just got Illinois as my second RB ship and I have to say that she is well worth the RB points!!

  20. I wish the Florida had this reload 😀

    Really like the Ribbons design you are using.

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