I’m a massive noob at World of Warships Legends

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World of Warships Legends I suck at this game, but it’s pretty fun!

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  1. What a coinsidence, just started playing this again on PC

  2. IfrazPlaysGames

    Everyone just writing comments to get a heart or likes without watching the video. Jacks got loads of fans man ;))

  3. I started playing on xbox too recently, loving the game so far. Looking forward to the german ships

  4. benediction is bald

    Russian ships are the best. They are made from stalinium.

  5. This game is super fun. On mobile it’s just as fun

    • Dielanboooyyy Niks

      The Nemesis Don’t forget the fact that the tech trees in Legends are streamlined, you’ve got a lot more ships to play with on the PC and mobile platform

    • Dielanboooyyy Niks

      Fakhir YT World of Warships Blitz

    • +Dielanboooyyy Niks can’t really compare either versions to the pc version. Its a hell lot more complicated in there

    • Dielanboooyyy Niks

      The Nemesis I know, it’s just that Legends is the least complicated and most kid friendly of the different installments. Something I am very much not a fan of, but yeah I just wanted to put that out there

    • +Dielanboooyyy Niks yeah agreed. I find legends better though only cause i play many genres of games and its not too hard to catch on

  6. Hurtshal Eagleview

    “Okay…Which ship are we going to sink now?” lol

  7. I use to play the hell out of World of Tanks

  8. No Bismarck in the game? DAS GEFÄLLT MIR NICHT!

  9. Protip: While in a cruiser never go full on broadside with a battleship. They specialize in dealing lethal amounts of damage to your citadel (aka your crit zone)

    When dumping torps try to anticipate the enemy’s maneuvering after realizing you dumped torps on them. (So if you have two torpedo batteries aim slightly ahead and behind the enemy ship.)

    Last one for the road, Battleships especially hightier ones have massive numbers of secondary armaments. If you want to torpedo one try to find a way to ambush them either using your abilities or the terrain the game gives you.

    I’ve played waaaay too much of this game on pc, and I really look forward to dumping more time on the console version.

  10. “DICE please” ??

  11. French ships are the best. They are made from baguettium

  12. “thats a rock ?” you pulled a notser 😀

    • Godspeed Journeys

      Ha! Nice! You watch Notser too hey? Do you notice he is always saying “of course there was a…….(insert noun) there!”. Lol.

  13. TheSacredGaming

    if you ever play this game aim for the waterline. You can hit citadels with ap.

  14. i think it was Albert Einstein who said
    “I am noob”
    “You are noob”
    “We are all noobs”

  15. Loved it! I play the PC version since closed beta, so it’s really refreshing, entertaining and amusing to watch a noob play 😉

  16. Nice change of pace.
    Hope if you do another video you try to figure out how torpedos work on destroyers.

    Living fast and dangerous all the way.

  17. Jakob Cifuentes

    I can help you out I play this game
    My gamer tag is JRCWWIIp51

  18. ScaryTerry 2805

    Not gonna lie jack that was painful to watch…

  19. Jack Calls battleship a boat.

    Battleship: am i a joke to you?

    Edit: omg thanks for the likes guys?

  20. How Big is the Map?

    I’m a massive noob at every game that’s why I only walk across maps 🙂

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