I’m a Potato! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Yes
    Love your content and keep on that grind

  2. I like my French fried taters with mustard

  3. Azur lane HMS Monarch UwU


  4. You sure we ain’t brothers? Your opening commentary sounds like me.

  5. We need some low teir bb gameplay. I want see you seal club in a Nassau.

  6. TUUKK4P01K4 TUUKK4P01K4

    I’m starting to like this ship more and more.

  7. I laugh at those silly Yamato captains who always go broadside.

  8. great game Spartan
    you carried the entire team but sometimes it is not enough

  9. 4 kills, nearly 160k damage, nearly 2500 base xp in loss… that’s a hell of potato game, lol

  10. I say poe- tar- toh, you say par-tate-o,
    I say Ya-mar-to, you say……something different everytime.

  11. Lighting is amazing , you did great but always use sonar when entering caps and if you wanna send one by one try to stack them next each other not all of them on the indicator

  12. “I’m a potato” – me, after switching to world of warships pc edition

  13. Yamato equals Tomato! In the wrong hands they are too squishy and make a mess of things! So glad you’re loving the Lightning and as far as the tube by tube goes, yes its a double edged sword! Its either a spectacular hit or an epic fail! ? At least someone’s now giving it the love it needs as ive temporary put mine in retirement as thanks to you I’ve obtained the mighty Iowa and absolutely loving her!

    • That’s the only way I havent pronounced it yet

    • And if you do I apologise now! ?

    • Yamato is a monster if you use it right. Easy wipe out 50% of the enemy’s team. You need to use it as a sniper. Keep 1 side covered by an island and a 25° angle to any bbs. Even non critical deal 6k+ dmg on bbs. Just never go broadside.

    • True but ive seen so many go broadside! ? Most matches ive played in it i have had ocean epicentre, I simply push ahead into the first ring telling the other yamatos to support me, lost count of how much damage i have bow tanked but the reds just try moving to get a better shot only to expose their broadside to my team and myself! Not lost a match yet with that tactic! ?

  14. Those are Canadian Colours almost Spartan, Right on (eh)…..GG!!!!

  15. Lol, 2 CCs within 6km to you. Great map awareness, kiddo.

  16. You’re new intro should be I’m lucky elite 43, and tonight I dodge torps lol.

  17. Allright spartan i belive you you are officially a POTATO 🙂

  18. Soooo odd lol. I was up till like 7am eastern time playing with my friends from over seas and shortly before going to bed I decided to finally blow 18 mill on HMS Lightning. My last 3 games of the session were me in my lighting, sporting red Xmas camo as well, and tearing the place up with torpedos. I then get off Ships and as I plugged my phone in to charge, I see a brand new Spartan video on the lightning wearing red xmas camo from only 5 hours before lol.

  19. I literally survived in a one on one confrontation with a Bismarck in my amagi with 5 hit points! I didn’t even know you could get that low.

  20. It’s almost impossible to win those games where you get a Yamato and the other team gets their normal 9 ship team. Especially when those 2 extra ships are DDs

    Also I’m pretty sure the true name is the original way you pronounced it but that Americans pronounce it the other way so much that everyone assumes that’s what it is. The Japanese language is very syllable heavy so Ya-ma-toe is the correct pronunciation rather than Ya-matto. I still call it Ya-matto though cause it’s just my accent Lol

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