I’m a Stupid Loser Apparently – World of Warships

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Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long. My stupidity will become obvious very quickly.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. This Harugumo….
    Once I had similar situation with a guy claiming he has no CE. And he said “I’m not going to be a loser to pay WG dubs for retraining and I’m not going to be playing a retraining commander like an idiot” . So he took a 6 pointer instead. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • I wonder what went through that Haru captain’s head when clicking the ‘Battle’ button. No SE either. Want to bet they went with GtG/PT/AR?

      Looking at the mini-map, they spent the first half island humping southwest of B even though it was covered by a Puerto Rico most of the time, then the second half legging it down towards the southeast corner of the map past a Schlieffen and Yamato. What a performance… -_-

  2. Most passive dds ever bot’s would have done more.

  3. Imagine not using your captain XP to have at least a 10 pts commander lol.

  4. that was some sad DD performance

  5. That is exactly the kind of player base WG wants – nothing learned since T1 and buying premium ships, because skills…

    • and thats not only a problem with tier 10, its get u all the time and anywhere.

    • Especially in World Of Warships. Where everyone is a loser (looser in some languages on E.U servers), everyone is also a winner😂. WG provides the peoples game.

  6. Worst part about multi-player games is the other people.

  7. I have not seen anyone mention it but does flambass keep forgeting at times that it has a super heal? At least twice he healed way too early to maximize healing pool and AR boost to reload.

  8. Damian Dörhoff

    Unfortunatelly there are a lot of Players out there that would play dd without concealment expert.
    They are like:”This is a Torp Spammer not a spotter or cap fighter”

    • I mean a gun boat DD would make ok sense, but I’d still contest caps with it even if concealment is bad. I do it in my khaba as well, you just need map awareness and play the islands. His excuse was the concealment because he’s a bloody idiot that doesn’t know how to play the game and wants to farm dmg from a smoke screen behind the BBs

    • I play mostly gun boats – I don’t even take or look at concealment on most my ships. A lot of my Russian DDs I don’t even take last stand.

    • @Frans v. T He played islands … as in, hide behind and not get shot, don’t go to contest the cap in front of you. Painful to watch.

  9. With teams like that, who needs enemies?

  10. Intense battle. Flambass tries to defy the defeat while his team die all around him.

  11. Amazing how Trenlass just put up a video of “a relaxed game in one of the most broken ships” in which he absolutely rocks in the St Vincent. Two very very good players, both basically playing the game professionaly, and yet having a drastically different experience. Not sure if it’s (bad) luck, temperament, personality or general playstyle or what but it’s fascinating.

    • If a BB game with 215k, contesting caps and still being alive in a stomped mini-game with a bunch of potatoes driving cruisers and destroyers is not “rocks” I don’t know what is.

    • @Edi J Well, it was a loss, and ole flambino is not quite happy with the ship, is he now?

    • I fully realize this sounds crazy, but hear me out: We all have one ship in our port this is actually cursed. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, something manages to go wrong in the ship.

    • Who you encounter is based on RNG…just like everything else in this game.

    • @Michel Javert Well yes and no. This may be true for you or I but for a guywho plays the game day in and day out for a job. It has to be down to individual reasons. BUT: this makes the whole debacle all that much more interesting.

  12. Respect for ur friendly chat reaction,

  13. Got to love this dented playerbase

  14. People that are toxic in videogames is because they need to vent all the hate they have in their mind from real life. Its disgusting but this is the world we live

  15. Let me guess 42% win rate with 4k battles?

  16. I only play this pos game 1 every week or 2 now. I watch your videos for the pure entertainment of them. Thanks!

  17. How on earth you don’t have a 10 point captain in a TECH TREE tier 10 ship? And he calls loser other people…….

  18. Dabombinable Mi

    The only ships I don’t have at least 10 point captain on are all low tier – and only because I only have a single 21 point (German) captain to get large amounts of captain xp.

  19. Always love your bids flam but I like the old man jingles just a bit more that said you never disappoint me I luv every time you run the middle on the two sisters map if am naming it correctly but this is from someone who has yet to play the game I just watch the kids on a 8 year old droid

  20. Hara absolutely killing it with positioning

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