I’M ACTUALLY GOOD?! – World Of Warships with Josh & Simon

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We play World Of Warships. I hope you enjoy!
Check out World of Warships on PC here: http://cpm.wargaming.net/ncdxcvki/?pub_id=Vikkstar123
USE CODE ‘CITADEL’ for bonuses. (Bonuses listed below in description)

Bonuses from ‘CITADEL’ code.
• 7 premium days
• 500 Doubloons
• British Premium Ship : Campbeltown (tiers 3)

Sidemen Clothing: http://sidemenclothing.com/

My capture card: http://e.lga.to/v


  1. My mom said if I don’t get at least 10 subs a day I will never be big on YouTube

    I’ve been grinding for 3 years?

  2. Ap you aim at the waterline hull

  3. yo those ships are bare slow

  4. Luke Skywalker The Beast

    When Vik smashes a game you know you’re in for some good vids soon

  5. Mateusz Dźwigulski

    Vikkstar please try a free stream game Steel Ocean its preety much wows but with submarines

  6. please play this more often

  7. can i at least play with yous 1 match that will make my, my name is wolfiesbackagain123 and pls do more of these vids with the rest of the sidemen

  8. You’re not that good they’re just really bad lmaoo

  9. For AP to work you must aim at the water line to hit the citadel for maximum damage and HE you aim at the superstructure to cause fires and disable gun and that’s how you do damage. Thanks Harry Hole

  10. Pls do more Vikk great vid!!!

  11. Loved it maybe this a new series??

  12. Just being that character who lives under a bridge

    Everyone does well with the chester just saying

  13. This was awesome 😀 I want much more… and I’ma get me some doubloons and a free ship XD

  14. i used the code but dont know how to get Campbeltown 🙁

  15. Love ur vids vik

  16. CrazeeCrafter Minecraft and Tutorials

    Vikk has 3 channel
    1- 3million
    1- 4million
    1- 1million (idk)

    in other words vikk is great

  17. Plz play more. Iz to fun

  18. the youtuber momo made a video with a girl and said its your sister can you explain or tell us if the girl is actually your sister?

  19. More of this please

  20. Plz play world of tanks vikk

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